Dear Pav YMCA Members,

As you know, on March 17th the Pav YMCA suspended all services and temporarily closed the facility to do our part and help flatten the COVID-19 curve. Please realize that our decision was not easy, but the most socially responsible one to make. We prefer our doors could remain open to you to enjoy the Y as you normally would, but that is not our reality. This is why we need your help. As we navigate through this together, we ask that you retain your membership and stay with us.
Over the past few weeks we have worked hard to ensure that we can safely provide essential services to vulnerable populations. We have implemented a drive up food service for seniors in our community allowing us to continue to provide meals and food so many depend on. We are also working with local health agencies to see where we can lend support in other ways. Currently, we are coordinating blood drives that are essential during this time and offering our child care staff to agencies providing care for first responders. In the coming weeks, we only hope to expand our work and continue to give back to our community.

As your Y adapts to serve the community’s current needs, please know that your membership fees ensure that we can keep the Y serving those in need now and be here when the crisis subsides, for you. All membership fees during the COVID-19 suspension will be considered as a tax-deductible donation and you will receive an acknowledgment letter stating this. All of us at the Y are grateful for the outpouring support we have already received over the past few days.
We understand many of our members are facing financial hardship during this time. If continuing to pay your membership fee is not feasible, please consider the option of placing your membership on hold. With your membership on hold, you will not be charged a monthly fee and your account will remain active when you can join us again.

As a member you currently do not have direct access to the Y or it programs, therefore we will be providing all of our members complimentary access to at-home digital fitness options, well-being tips and various ways to stay active and healthy as we all work together to overcome this difficult time. Please visit our website for these resources.

By using the link below or by contacting JR Anderson, Membership Director, at ext. 318 or, please direct us on how you would like to move forward with your membership status. It is important that you provide this information by May 11th, 2020 (5/11/2020).
When leaving a message or sending an email please provide:
> Your first and last name (also spelled out)
> Your Pav YMCA ID number (located on your membership card)
> Your Birthday
> Your Address
> The best phone number to reach you at
To make sure we are putting our resources where they are most needed, moving forward, all communication will be done via email, social media and our website. Please provide your most up to date email to JR or through our survey so you can continue to receive information from us.

On behalf of the board of directors and the Pav YMCA Staff, we thank you.
Please stay healthy and well.