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In this Issue
  • FCCPTA Meeting, Elections & Listening Session May 6
  • Special Program: Creating Resiliency May 14
  • Q & A with Dr. Brabrand – SEPTA Q & A May 5
  • Resources for Parents
  • June Training
Dear PTA Leaders,

Thank you for a fantastic term! It is with much gratitude that we close out FCCPTA’s 2018-20 term on May 6. Running any PTA takes full focus and dedication, but connecting our members across our vast County takes vision and determination. Heartfelt thanks to our officers:
  • VP Outreach: Kara Jenkins, preceded by Stella Pekarsky. Both Kara and Stella were instrumental in our listening sessions and development of Uniendo Familias
  • VP Advocacy: Matt Dunne. Matt singlehandedly organized last year’s massive Education Survey, 2018 Advocacy Night, and Fall 2019 Candidate Questionnaires
  • VP Training: Michelle Leete. Michelle seamlessly organized annual training sessions as well as our Fall 2018 Family and Community Engagement conference
  • VP Programs: Denise Bolton. Denise corralled hundreds of arts entries, recruited judges and organized our mammoth Reflections Program and supported Eliza Morss’ growing Fairfax County Spelling Bee
  • VP Communication: Lynn Smith. Lynn stepped up FCCPTA communications with timely, professional messages and social media
  • Treasurer: Ann Marie Ward, preceded by Barb Waldmiller. Ann Marie and Barb before her have been wonderful advisers to scores of local treasurers
  • Secretary: Terri Radziewski. Terri got us organized, took on MemberHub and provided resources and assistance to our many local PTAs.
Special thanks to Debbie Kilpatrick, NOVA PTA District Director, for her unending patience and guidance over the past two years.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve!
-        Jane Miscavage
FCCPTA General Membership Meeting, Elections & Listening Session
Please join us at 7 p.m. next Wednesday, May 6, for our final General Membership Meeting of the year and the close of the 2018-20 term. We will announce PTA award winners and scholarship winners. We hope each local PTA president can attend or send a designee. Please RSVP here and we will send a link for the meeting on May 5 (your RSVP helps us verify membership and count quorum for business and the election). Following the meeting FCCPTA officers will be available for Q&A about local elections or other topics of interest.
We will vote on the slate which was announced on March 12:
·       Kara Jenkins, President
·       Shawna Garrett, VP-Outreach
·       LaGuardia Meyers, VP-Advocacy
·       Michelle Leete, VP-Communication
·       Hamid Munir, VP-Training
·       Larry Mills, VP-Programs
·       Jaime Yarussi, Treasurer
·       Brett Fox, Secretary
As with any PTA election, any member may self-nominate and run for an office “from the floor.” Since virtual meetings need a bit more planning, the deadline for self-nominations will be 48 hours before the meeting . If you are interested in running for office, and if you are a member of a PTA in Good Standing, please contact Jane Miscavage by 7 p.m. Monday, May 4, .
Creating Resiliency by Understanding ACEs
Thursday, May 14th
Jenna White, ACE Interface certified presenter and FCCPTA Board Member as the Representative to the Fairfax Trauma Informed Community Network, presents this special event for all parents and community members.
When it comes to addressing the tough challenges in our schools, leaders and advocates can look to the data and findings from the ACE study for key insights. Learn about the original Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study and what it teaches us about the intersection of childhood adversity, brain development, epigenetics and resiliency. Discuss how this research can guide our understanding of what children need to be successful and how we can come together as a community to apply this information in meaningful ways.
President Q & A with Dr. Scott Brabrand
Presidents, thank you for making our Q & A session with Dr. Brabrand a success! You submitted more than 200 questions and Dr. Brabrand was able to cover a lot of ground, specifically about how much work has been done, and the vast distance learning resources provided, over the past six weeks. We appreciated his insight that school may look a little different in the fall. You may share this recording of the Q & A with your communities or any interested community members. We look forward to hosting similar sessions in the future.
Resources for Parents
Under the COVID-19 pandemic, our family lives and children’s education are under increasing stress. Many families are in impossible situations and some days feel overwhelming. If your parents have school-related questions, please remind them they have many resources, starting with their child’s classroom teacher:
·       Classroom Teacher
·       Principal
·       Region Assistant Superintendent
·       FCPS Ombudsman
There are many resources available to assist parents as they support their students’ distance learning. FCPS’ Learning at Home: Support for Families  web page  provides information about the role of families and caregivers in the FCPS Distance Learning Plan. This site is updated often – please return often for additional guidance and resources.
Special education parents: SEPTA is planning a Q & A session for you with Dr. Brabrand on Tuesday, May 5. Please share the registration link with your communities.
June Training
FCCPTA is this/close to updating you on our new officer training plans. We will still provide training, but possibly on a series of dates. Training will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live sessions. Questions? Contact Michelle Leete,
Important Dates

June - Local Officer Training, Virtual

Need anything? We’re here to help!

Jane Miscavage,
Kara Jenkins,
Matt Dunne,
Denise Bolton,
Michelle Leete,
Ann-Marie Ward,
Terri Radziewski,