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Conference Sessions Online
Remote Sessions at the 2019 TESL Ontario Conference will be held throughout the day on Friday, December 6, starting at 11:20 a.m.
Format: All remote presentations will be broadcast online and will be accessed through a Zoom webinar platform.

Cost: $25 + HST - includes access to all four remote sessions.
Affiliate Chapter Events
TESL Ottawa
Fall PD event

Saturday, November 16
9 AM to 12 PM

Algonquin College 1385 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa

Annual Conference and General Meeting

Thursday, November 21
5 PM to 8 PM

Polish Cultural Centre
4300 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga
Upcoming TESL Ontario Webinars
Intercultural Fluency in LINC Classrooms: Teacher Training and PBLA
Wednesday, Nov 20 @ 7 PM

Presented by: Sandhya Ghai
Action Research: Foundations of Qualitative Research, Part 2
Sunday, Nov 24 @ 7 PM

Presented by: Mostafa Hasrati, OCELT
New and Improved Webinar Experience

Our first two webinars on the new Zoom platform received positive feedback from members. If you haven't registered for a webinar lately - here's what you need to know.

  • You will still receive TESL Ontario webinar emails with links to register on Tutela, using the same process as before.

  • NEW: You must register in advance for a webinar.

  • NEW: If you plan to use an iPad, tablet, or mobile phone to join the webinar, you will need to download the Zoom app in advance of the webinar. You do not need to download Zoom if you are using a PC or laptop.

  • NEW: Zoom can accommodate 500 people – lots of room for everyone!

  • NEW: Registration confirmation and reminder emails will come from Zoom, with a direct link to the webinar.

  • NEW: You will print PD certificates for attending live webinars and viewing recorded ones from the Tutela event page (minimum attendance time to qualify).

  • A survey link will be available after each webinar. As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback.
Member Poetry
You Can Imagine the Pleasure
by Esther Podoliak 
My pronunciation classes were funny.
The students made them that way.
It was like the taste of chocolate.
I wouldn't have missed a day.
The students were sometimes so eager
to give undivided attention
that they kept on repeating after me
when it was no longer my intention.
A few brought their children to class
at an age when they needed to play.
There was nowhere else to leave them,
so naturally what could I say?
The children brought paper and crayons,
and kaleidoscopes and binoculars too.
These were such fun that they had to be shared with someone -- you can guess who!
When I realized some adults were quiet
and I looked to see why this would be,
one was holding binoculars
and looking through them at me!
You can imagine the pleasure,
though we came from worlds apart,
when our senses of humour coincided
and we laughed with the same heart.
You can imagine the pleasure
of helping people make a new sound,
by showing them where to put the tongue
or that the lips are round.
You can imagine the pleasure,
while your feet are planted still,
of stepping outside your borders,
meeting people of courage and will.
You can imagine the pleasure
of knowing that some got away
from trials we'll never know
to a place where we're lucky to stay.
Career Development
Recent Job Postings

Mississauga, ON

Sheridan College
Oakville, ON

Immigrants Working Centre
Hamilton, ON

Mississauga, ON

Conestoga College
Kitchener, ON
Presenting Opportunities
Professional Designation
In August, TESL Ontario introduced its newly-designed initial level of accreditation and professional designation for adult ESL teachers: Canadian Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CTESOL) Accreditation.

The CTESOL Certificate of Accreditation and Professional Designation acknowledges that a certificate holder has the knowledge and skills required for teaching English to adult learners in non-publicly-funded programs in Ontario, in both private and publicly-funded programs in other Canadian provinces and territories, and in a variety of contexts abroad.

Please note that adult ESL teachers can be accredited at either the initial CTESOL level or at the OCELT level. One cannot hold both designations at the same time.
Contact Magazine - Summer 2019
The Summer 2019 Issue of Contact Magazine is available online .

This issue of CONTACT examines identity and autonomy, plurilingualism and translanguaging, and Indigenous education in ELT. In addition, the issue explores Ryerson's Cultural Dig project, art and music in the language classroom, and intercultural curricula in Canada.
TESL Ontario Blog
Online Resources
Please note: you will be required to log into Tutela to access these resources.
Recently Added Resources
This is a site with paid content. It contains a collection of wordless picture books designed by two Canadian educators for literacy learners with limited formal education. Teachers use the visuals as a stepping-stone to move from oral language to reading and writing. Books are sold in sets of 6, each containing assessments with audio. Yearly subscription is $45.  

This resource was adapted from the Mental Health and High School Curriculum Guide from the Canadian Mental Health Association. The activities are clearly presented and suitable for CLB Stage 2 learners. The module’s objectives are to reduce stigma surrounding mental health problems, and develop personal awareness and positive attitudes toward mental illness. There are three activities including an attitudes survey. Learner hand-outs are also included.

Are you looking for ways to use music in the classroom? This British website provides free (and paid subscription) lesson plans based on popular songs. The catalogue contains lessons for 44 tunes with a paid subscription and access to 12 free lesson plans once you register. Each song comes with reading, vocabulary building, grammar, and listening activities. (Lyrics and cloze exercises are not included.) Songs can be sorted based on learner levels, language tasks, artists or themes. The tasks include grammar and functional language lessons. Themes include education, work, holidays, wellness, and love and relationships.

Teachers interested in overseas (and US) teaching opportunities, Maryville University has put together a comprehensive resource that lists most popular countries, plus the teaching requirements needed. Recruiter contacts are also provided. Also included: a guide for online teaching and list of online teaching communities.

A highly motivating – and highly addictive – language learning website: fun for independent practice (and teachers looking learn a new language). There are 33 languages to choose from. Lessons are short, easy to navigate, and provide immediate feedback and “rewards”. The learning program is based on language-acquisition research and claims 34 hours of Duolingo is equivalent to 1 university semester of a language course. If you’ve always wanted to learn Klingon, this is the place for you!

And in case you missed it:

There are seven downloadable modules, from the Canadian Centre for Language Benchmarks (CCLB), to assist teachers working in multilevel settings. The modules cover a range of benchmarks from CLB 1-2 to CLB 6-7. Materials can be used in single level classes as well. Some of the modules are rather light in content; others are comprehensive, for example: CLB 1-2: Reporting a stolen bank card, and 5-6: Avoiding scams. The modules provide a teacher's guide and teaching materials including an initial needs assessment, learning goals, classroom resources for each language skill, learner self-reflection and self-assessments, assessments and rubrics, and audio files.
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