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TESL Niagara Conference

Saturday, Feb 9, 2019
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Niagara College, Niagara-On-The-Lake Campus.
TESL Ottawa Conference

Saturday, Feb 2, 2019
8:30 am to 2:00 pm

Location: Algonquin College
Upcoming Webinars
Teaching English with Blockchain Technology
Tuesday, February 19 @ 7 PM

Presented by: Andrew Wagner
Migration, Trauma, and Mental Illness: Implications for Language Learning
Sunday, February 24 @ 7 PM

Presented by: Allyson Eamer
Techy Writing Tasks for PBLA
Sunday, March 17 @ 7PM

Presented by: Thura Aljubury, OCELT
Anywhere, Anytime, Anyway Learning: Blend-Sync ESL Classes
Sunday, March 24 @ 7PM

Presented by: Dmitri Priven, OCELT & Donald Moen
Annual Conference
Career Development
Recent Job Postings

Darcy English School prides itself on our attentive and caring teaching staff. Our schools offer a competitive salary, paid and sponsored work visa, assistance upon arrival, ongoing training and a pleasant work environment. Many teachers end up deciding to stay with us for multiple years.

Canada International College, is looking for a qualified teacher to teach at our Chinese sister school (a key High School). The teacher will be responsible to teach English (ESL) to middle/high school students. Classes will be based on the Ontario curriculum. The teacher will be compensated for a minimum of 30 teaching hours per week ($24/hr), but will likely teach less (15-20 hours). This allows our teachers time to explore and enjoy China.

Welcome to UASK Education! If you are enthusiastic, self-motivated, love working with ESL learners, and passionate about teaching language, our online teaching position is a perfect fit for you.

  • Teachers are provided with teaching materials and curriculum.
  • Class Size: 1-on-1 or group lessons (less than 5 students)

The Toronto District School Board’s Non-Credit ESL Program, Continuing Education is looking for qualified, experienced instructors to teach in our Adult ESL Program at locations throughout the city. We offer competitive rates. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to become part of one of the largest providers of ESL classes in Canada!

The IELTS Examiner will expertly assess candidates, with the consistency and standards as set out by IELTS, in the speaking module of the IELTS test. The Examiner will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the test and ensure a fair testing procedure is followed for all candidates in the speaking

The York Catholic District School Board, Continuing Education Department, is recruiting instructors to teach in our Non-Credit Adult ESL Program at locations throughout York Region.
TESL Ontario Volunteer Postings

LinkedIn Account Manager

Online - Self-directed

TESL Ontario is looking for one volunteer to join the TESL Ontario Social Content Committee as the LinkedIn Account Manager.

Blogger Manager

Online - Self-directed

The TESL Ontario blog team is is looking for one volunteer to join the team to help manage and edit guest blogger posts.

Guest Bloggers

Online - Self Directed

TESL Ontario is looking for volunteer guest bloggers to submit one blog post every 4 - 6 weeks.
Professional Designation
Don't forget to use your registered professional designation, available for all TESL Ontario accredited members in good standing.

The OCELT designation serves to:

  • identify qualified language teachers with specialized knowledge and skills in Ontario
  • acknowledge the professionalism, integrity and high-quality language instruction of TESL Ontario certified teachers
  • recognize the ongoing professional development of TESL Ontario certified teachers and their commitment to the TESL Ontario Code of Ethics
  • enhance the respect for the TESL profession
Contact Magazine - Fall 2018
The Fall 2018 Issue of Contact Magazine is available online.
The Fall issue looks at migration trauma & students at the margins, racism in the language-teaching industry, plus PBLA, self assessment, and more.
TESL Ontario Blog
Online Resources
Recently Added Resources

This resource is designed for levels CLB 4-6, to help learners find and retain employment in the food services sector.

This series of three booklets are designed for adult English learners to read with young children. The booklets are written in an easy-to-read format, for caregivers to read to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

These easy-to-read activity booklets, have been designed for adult English learners build their own literacy skills while building the habit of reading with with young children.

This is an accessible resource for beginning teachers. The guide provides good information on lesson planning and managing a multi-level classroom.

This set of resources is designed to teach English pragmatics or “soft skills” to internationally educated professionals (IEPs).

Popular Resources on Tutela

The OCDSB has developed a bank of “real world” assessment tasks for use by publicly-funded ESL and LINC programs. The project development team included 22 OCDSB ESL/LINC Instructors, 2 PBLA Leads, and over 190 Instructors who piloted the tasks from over 70 organizations across Canada.

Conestoga College LINC Assessment Generating Tool: Listening (Speaking, Reading, Writing also available)

This comprehensive rubric tool helps you create listening assessment tasks for the portfolio. It allows you to make effective rubrics aligned to the CLB. It helps you design comprehension questions that balance question levels.

Language Companion CLB 1-4 / My Canada is a source of valuable information for LINC students. These reading worksheets transform it into a great teaching resource. They are designed mainly for levels 1-4, but can also be used for higher levels.

CLB 1/2 Listening Assessment Templates (Listening and Reading templates available up to CLB 7/8)

These templates can be used to design your own multi-level listening assessment for CLB 1/2. They provide the criteria for each of the four competency areas as headings with sample questions in green.
Please note: you will be required to log into Tutela to access these resources.
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We are pleased to announce that TESL Ontario is now on Instagram!

TESL Ontario's active social media platforms provide an online professional community to members where they can connect with their peers, obtain and share relevant resources and teaching strategies.
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Wellness Moment
The Food Group Health Canada forgot… 
Kudos to Health Canada for our new Guide for what to eat, what to avoid and the reminder it’s not only what we eat, but how that matters.  Food fosters connection with friends and family and between cultures and generations. And we know connections help keep us healthy. It’s very sound advice. But with all due respect to the professionals, we think there’s a food group missing: Comfort Food. 

Now before you automatically think calories, cholesterol and guilt, let’s take a closer look. Webster’s defines comfort food as “food prepared in a traditional way…with nostalgic or sentimental appeal”.  Psychologists tell us it can be any food we associate with happy occasions, fond memories, and feeling cared for and connected. And those positive feelings cheer us up and ward off stress.               

So here’s a recipe for winter wellness. Take a moment to let your mind wander. What’s your favourite comfort food, meal or memory?   Fresh peaches that remind you of summer holidays, your mom’s roast chicken, or the cookies you bake with your kids. Maybe it’s not home-cooking.  It could be tapas in a café with friends or take-out that lets you trade kitchen time for downtime. It’s the food with a positive association, from last weekend or long ago, a celebration or a simple tradition.  And if your food of choice conflicts with your regular eating goals, not a problem. The magic is that you don’t have to actually eat comfort food (although why not?). You can enjoy the memories without taking a bite. 

If this Moment leads you to host a spontaneous pot-luck, make soup or make reservations, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too. You’ll have taken a healthy step just by savouring positive thoughts. 
This Wellness Moment message is from Health Plus™ - our TESL Ontario members Insurance Plan. Health Plus™ provides excellent health, dental, drug and travel health coverage at lower rates than other plans. It’s designed specifically for self-employed professionals, business owners, freelance and contract workers, and only available from our broker, Loran Insurance Limited.

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