Professional Development
Affiliate Chapter Events
TESL Toronto
Employment Event: Bringing Teachers Together

Thursday, March 26
6 PM - 8:30 PM

Tartu College Event Hall
3 Madison Ave. Toronto, ON
Spring PD Event

Saturday, March 28
9 AM - 2 PM

Polish Cultural Centre
4300 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga ON
TESL Windsor
Spring PD and Annual General Meeting

Friday, April 24
4:30 PM - 8 PM

The Village of Aspen Lake
9855 McHugh St, Tecumseh, ON

TESL Hamilton-Wentworth
Annual Conference and General Meeting

Saturday, April 25
Time TBD

Further details will be posted to the TESL Hamilton website soon.
TESL Kingston
Spring AGM and Keynote Speaker

Saturday, May 9
Time: TBD

Immigrant Services
263 Weller Avenue, Kingston, ON

TESL Durham
Annual General Meeting and Workshop

Saturday, May 9
10 AM - 2 PM

Whitby Library - Central Branch
405 Dundas Street West. Whitby, ON
Upcoming TESL Ontario Webinars
A Consideration of Intercultural Curricula
Sunday, March 22 @ 7 PM

Presented by: Alanna Carter
The BlendSync Approach to Teaching ESL: Pedagogy and Technology
Thursday, March 26 @ 8 PM

Presented by: Dmitri Priven, OCELT & Donald Moen
What's New in the Best Practices Directory in 2020
Thursday, April 23 @ 8 PM

Presented by: Julianne Burgess, OCELT
Mentoring Student Teachers - Fostering Instructional Development
Wednesday, April 29 @ 7 PM

Presented by: Sharmaine Itwaru
Blended Learning to Optimize Teamwork
Thursday, June 18 @ 8 PM

Presented by: Maria Pop, OCELT & Aga Wolczuk, OCELT
Other Training Opportunities
The Stories of Us: Teacher Training

Thursday March 26
9:30 AM – 4 PM
Cost: Free

1005 King Street West
Toronto, ON

This is a training for LINC teachers in Ontario who are interested in integrating newcomer stories into the PBLA curriculum.

Space is Limited.
Teaching Children in ESL/EFL Classes 

Saturday, March 14
10 AM - 2 PM
Cost: $80.00

Location: Humber College - North Campus

This workshop offered by Humber College will provide participants with practical strategies that can be used in an English language classroom full of young learners whether in Canada or overseas.

Career Development
Recent Job Postings

Testing - ILSC Education Group

Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Kitchener

London District Catholic School Board

London, ON
Call for Volunteers
TESL Ontario Private Sector Committee

The TESL Ontario Private Sector Committee is looking for passionate individuals from the private sector to join and continue building its community of practice for educators working in the private sector.
Registry of TESL Researchers

TESL Ontario is calling for interested members to join a Registry of TESL Researchers. Members of this registry will have the opportunity to contribute to a range of research related tasks and activities to support the mandate and strategic direction of the organization.
Presenting Opportunities
Contact Magazine - Fall 2019
The Fall 2019 Issue of Contact Magazine is available online .

This issue of CONTACT features articles from around the globe—literally. From Toronto to Ottawa and Colombia to Turkey, the authors have contributed theories and research that can hopefully apply to all classrooms and teacher practices.
TESL Ontario Blog
Online Resources
Please note: you will be required to log into Tutela to access these resources.
Recently Added Resources
Bow Valley College (Alberta) has developed a series of graded audiobooks for Literacy learners, with seven levels to meet the different stages of reading development. Level A books present a single sentence per page and large images: Level G books contain images and paragraphs with more complex language and concepts.  You will find two versions of each reader along with information on the complexity of the text, structure, and vocabulary. The Audio Book has a preview of the contents. The printable PDF has print settings beside each reader. There are a total of 40 audio books to choose from, with five to seven readers at each level.
A resource from TD Bank and ABC Money Matters, this resource provides clear information on why learners need to file a tax return and the various benefits that flow from taxes. A chart breaks down various government benefits (Canada Child Benefit, Old Age Security, etc) that flow from taxes and who they are for. There are no suggested classroom activities with this resource, however a link is provided for information on free tax clinics.

Creately is a platform for creating colourful graphic organizers, Venn diagrams, storyboards, and flow charts. Diagrams may be useful for organizing lesson plans, classroom activities, and presentations. For intermediate and advanced learners, there is an effective essay sequence planner and organizer. Free templates are simply designed and easy to populate.
Wellness Moment
New year, new $ plan…but are you missing a key piece?

By now, most of us have started work on our 2020 resolutions (unless we’ve already tossed them). Often, those intentions involve money especially if you’re self-employed or freelance. That’s great. But sometimes, the financial picture is missing a critical piece…one that can support your other goals or when it’s not in place, put your entire plan at risk. Not so great. Let us explain.

You already know it’s smart to keep an emergency fund, avoid debt, set regular savings goals, invest wisely. What could possibly go wrong?

The strategy that’s missing is health insurance. Yes, we know…not an exciting topic. Much less fun than visions of income breakthroughs and new projects. But insurance is key to good planning and risky to neglect. And if you do have insurance but didn’t pick the right plan, you’re spending more than you need to for less protection than you want. How does that happen?

When you’re thinking about health insurance, watch out for these traps…

#1 Settling for the first plan you come across from any big company you recognize Instead, it’s smart to look further to compare options, and easier than you think. Check out the plans from people who specialize in benefits designed solely for small business; they’re almost always much better value. See how Health Plus compares .

#2 Counting on an emergency fund (or worse, a line of credit or lottery win) Assuming you’ve stuck to your plan to keep a rainy-day account, do you seriously want to spend it on health bills? What if you just paid for a big-ticket business need or unexpected personal expense when, as luck would have it, an even bigger medical bill comes along? Or you need the money to manage routine bills when a health issue takes you out of action?

The fact is that even if you’re the best of savers, an emergency fund may simply not be enough to cover rehab physio, high-priced prescription drugs, or major dental work. Even if it is, we’re guessing you have more appealing plans for your funds. Why pay bills you don’t have to? What’s more, if you don’t have the cash for a surprise health expense, there goes your ‘avoid debt’ strategy. The ripple effect can do a lot of damage to your entire financial plan.

#3 The problem with good health Of course, there’s never a problem with good health. It’s what we wish for everyone. But there is a problem when we take good health for granted. While you may be lucky, with good genes and healthy habits, the fact is accidents happen and serious illness can strike out of the blue. An ‘invest wisely’ plan includes investing in insurance. You cover healthcare costs now and in future without derailing the rest of your goals.

#4 'Planning' to save Setting goals for regular saving is smart. But too often the follow-through takes a back seat to more ‘urgent’ spending. From retail therapy to essential system upgrades, a lot can come between you and your best intentions. With insurance, you can budget a predictable, affordable monthly amount, tax-deductible if you’re self-employed. Less than a latté a day buys serenity and confidence knowing your healthcare funds are solidly in place, and your insurance can save you big money in the long term.
The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. To paraphrase the proverb…the best time to buy insurance is when you’re healthy. If you wait until you ‘need it’ you may not qualify at all or you’ll pay much more. Please consider a second look at your financial picture. And best of luck with all your resolutions this year.

From Heath Plus Insurance, our TESL Ontario Member Plan. Designed for business owners, freelancers, contract workers and self-employed people. Better coverage at better rates plus professional Wellness Resources that come with your insurance at no added cost.
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