October 8, 2021

To: All Members
Re: Sick Leave Due to COVID-19

After discussions with both government and the employer, it has been confirmed that when it comes to sick leave due to COVID-19 type symptoms (cough, sniffles, headache, runny nose, etc.) the requirements that were in place for the 2020-21 school year will continue for the 2021-22 school year. 

More information is linked below, however essentially, members who are availing of sick leave due to COVID-19 type symptoms for up to 14 days are not required to provide medical documentation (i.e.: a doctor's note) for said leave. This can occur for multiple periods throughout the school year (e.g.: using 5 days of sick leave due to a head cold in November and then 10 days of sick leave due to a cough in February). 

The employer does reserve the right to request medical documentation if they feel it is necessary at any time.

For more information regarding sick leave due to COVID-19 and sick notes, please click HERE.

Any member who has questions on this issue should contact an NLTA Administrative Officer in Programs & Services for advice via mail@nlta.nl.ca.