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Welcome to the 2020-21 School year. This will be a year to remember! The staff at Boise Online School is committed to providing every student with quality instruction, community and lots of love and support. 

Staffing and Class Placements:
As you know, our registration was just finalized on Friday when parents made their final decisions about enrollment. District leadership and Student Information System Team members then worked all weekend on scheduling. 

Elementary: We are doing our best to group students together geographically so that they can have familiar faces in their classrooms. Teachers are eager to have their class lists and will contact you by Friday!

Secondary: It normally takes over 4 months to process and complete course schedules. Our team is doing it in less than a week! Thank you for your patience and support during this process. You will have your schedule by Friday!

Devices & Supplies
Speaking of device needs…a survey went out Friday to all registered families asking about device needs. If you indicated you needed a device or hotspot, you should hear from your neighborhood school about pick up this week. Any other consumable workbooks your students need will also be dispersed as needed. Information will be sent as needed.

Please see your grade level supply list. Students will not need textbooks from their schools.

School Lunch
We will be providing Curbside Meals to help feed District enrolled students participating in online learning (either in the Boise Online School or students from a neighborhood school temporarily closed due to COVID) for more information and to order meals follow this link. Check with your neighborhood school about their pickup location. If you do not use Myschoolbucks app to pay for lunch, you can still bring a check into the school office. 

There will be more information to come soon. It is really amazing that we have been able to create a school from nothing in only 2.5 months. We will definitely have some bumps along the way as we navigate these uncertain waters. What I can promise you, is that we will course correct as we go and always have your child’s best interest in mind. 

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