April 16, 2020
Dear students,

As we continue with our Spring semester, I hope you, your family, and your friends are remaining well and staying safe. Despite the challenges so many of us are experiencing, I continue to be encouraged by your commitment to continuing your education and your resilience in navigating these uncertain times. We are working hard to support all of our students—whether you’re on campus, far from New York, or anywhere in between. Just as the Pace staff and faculty are striving to deliver the best education and support services during this dramatically changed semester, I know that you’re all working hard as well. We continue to develop new avenues to help you continue your educational journey and to support you in every way possible, and we want to share some of our latest news with you.


CARES Act Relief. Federal stimulus bills in response to the coronavirus crisis have allocated funding for colleges and universities and for their students. Under the CARES Act, Pace will receive about $8.6 million. Half of that, about $4.3 million, must be distributed directly to students. We have not received any of the money yet. Our aim is to distribute that money as soon as possible. We’re also waiting for guidance on the other half, and our intention is to use that to support student success and our mission of Opportunitas .

Summer sessions. Given the continued public health crisis and government guidelines on social distancing, all of our summer courses will be delivered remotely. We are working closely with faculty to provide the support they need to create enriching remote and online classes. Be sure to meet with your academic advisor to discuss the best summer courses for you. To support your continuing education during this challenging time, Pace University is offering a 25 percent discount on summer tuition for undergraduate courses to a rate of $750 per credit. This includes Early Summer Session, Summer Session I, Summer Session II, and Late Summer Session II classes. 

Summer travel. All summer Study Abroad trips are cancelled. This includes any spring courses that were planned to include summer travel. Some trips may be rescheduled for next year, so please reach out to your academic advisor and your faculty member in determining the best path forward for your academic path.

Summer housing. We will not be able to accommodate housing requests through June 30. As the late spring and summer implications of the pandemic fully emerge, we will make additional announcements about the remainder of the summer.

Planning for Fall 2020. It is our hope and intention to resume our regular schedule of face-to-face classes across all three of our campuses for Fall 2020. But ultimately that decision will not be ours to make. We will follow government guidelines regarding the safety of public gatherings, and we are bound by the New York State on PAUSE directives. We are monitoring the situation, and we are developing contingency plans to be prepared for a variety of situations. We will provide you with updates as new information becomes available.


During these last few weeks of the spring semester, be sure to take time for mental health and wellness checks. A recent survey of our students showed the stress many of you are feeling. You are not alone. Please take the time to practice healthy lifestyle habits that help you manage stress—physical activity, engagement with others, and mental health wellness. We have resources available that may be helpful to you: our Counseling Center , Remote Living Student Resources , cool Virtual Events , Remote Athletics , and Health, Wellness, and Spirituality resources.

Course withdrawals. The last day to withdraw from a course with instructor permission will be Monday, April 20 . Withdrawing from a course can affect your financial aid. Be sure to consult with your academic advisor before withdrawing from a course.

Update on Pass/Fail grading option procedures. To select the Pass/Fail grading option for a course, you must complete the Covid-19 Pass/Fail Form . This form is available in the Pace Portal and must be completed no later than Monday, April 27 . Your decision to select the Pass/Fail grading option in a course will be final. Pass/Fail grades are an option for both undergraduate and graduate students, and they should be elected in consultation with academic and financial aid advisors. Transcripts will be annotated to identify the coronavirus crisis.

Housing fee adjustments. As we have announced, the University is issuing a housing fee adjustment to residential students who left the residence halls (less any unpaid balances). Please be sure to visit MyHousing by May 16 to indicate your choice of a current refund or a credit for Fall 2020, with a $200 bonus, on the Early Departure Adjustment Preference form. Adjustments are being issued starting this week for those students who have indicated their preference. All unused meal plan balances will roll over to the next academic year, consistent with standard University policy. For graduating students, the unused portion of your Spring 2020 meal plan allocation will be refunded.

Commencement. Most important, you will receive the degrees you’ve earned at the end of this semester. We are developing plans for school-by-school virtual events in May, to make sure your accomplishments are recognized, and then an in-person event in the winter. This year’s graduates will have the option to walk in either the winter or next spring. We’re actively working on plans, and we’ll update you soon.

Bookstore rentals. If you rented textbooks through Pace University’s Barnes & Noble, please note the return deadline has been extended. Students who are not able to return their books on time will not be charged. The grace period for rental returns has been extended through the first week of Fall classes.

Academic integrity code. As we head into the final weeks of our spring semester, I want to remind you that everyone is expected to uphold our Academic Integrity Code . It is important that you continue to exercise honesty and ethical conduct as you complete your academic assignments and exams. The work you submit should be yours, and you should not be sharing exams or answers to exams in any capacity

Diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this changed time, Pace University remains committed to maintaining an educational, working, and living environment that is free of all forms of discrimination and in which every member can thrive. Acts of bias, discrimination, and harassment run counter to our University values and to Pace’s policies, including our Guiding Principles of Conduct and Non-Discrimination policies (PDF) . Our commitment to providing services and support to our Community remains steadfast in this remote period. The following offices and their services are still available for your support:

While we all continue to be challenged by this difficult and uncertain period, we are striving to make sure that our actions will safely see our Pace Community through this semester and into our future. All of us at Pace are here to support you. Reach out to your professors and your advisors. Start planning now for summer classes and for Fall 2020. Reach out to the Office of Housing and Residential Life to plan for next academic year’s housing.

We know that this crisis has affected many families’ financial situation. Please be sure to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your changed needs so you will be prepared for Fall 2020.

While I hope you will have enriching summers, both personally and academically, I especially look forward to seeing you back on our campuses. Until then, take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay well.

Vanya Quiñones, PhD
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs