DATE: May 1, 2020
RE: Coronavirus Update – Litigation Matters
As we at Goldstein Hall PLLC continue to monitor the Coronavirus and COVID-19 threat, we want to reach out to our Clients to assure them that are continuing to work through this difficult time. Our attorneys and support staff continue to work from home and are available via emails, telephone conversations, and even video conferencing with you. However, please understand that some response times may be delayed. 

Additionally, please be advised that the New York State Court System is also responding to this threat on an evolving basis. Currently, the Court’s have advised that as of Monday May 4, 2020 new motions, responsive papers to previously filed motions and other applications, including post-judgment applications, may be filed electronically in pending cases . While certain details in non-electronically filed cases are still to be worked out by the Court, this is welcome news to many litigants. Also, the New York Courts previously started to hold certain hearings and conferences by phone and video. This has been a slow roll out and is designed to relieve the Court’s of their current backlog.

Currently, new cases or actions continue to be prohibited from being filed. This includes Landlord Tenant proceedings, where there is a moratorium on all evictions remains in effect. What is not stayed are actions by tenants seeking to stop evictions, nor are actions seeking to address serious code violations or serious repair orders. 

Federal Courts remain open and cases are proceeding through phone and video conferencing. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Litigation Partner Brian J. Markowitz at or (646) 768-4127 or your Goldstein Hall PLLC attorney for more information.  

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