May 28, 2018
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On May 5, 1868, General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, promulgated General Order No. 11, which was the first official promulgation of Memorial Day.  General Order No. 11 provided that flowers would be placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers on May 30, 1868. ( Read Order No. 11) In the Order, General Logan reflected he hoped it would become an annual tradition, and it did.  With World War I, that tradition expanded to include all war dead.  

Memorial day the nation should remember those who, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, gave their "last full measure of devotion" to protect our liberties and freedoms from the Amerian Revolution to the present.  It is through their sacrifice that the "last best hope of earth" has survived and prospered.  

General Logan's Order stated, "Let no neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic."   - Judge Michael Warren, Patriot Week Co-Founder
Distinguished Speaker at UPCPAC, Escanaba, Mi. June 9, 2018

For more Memorial Day information tradiutions and history click  HERE
The USA was special from the beginning!

"Natural Laws and Morality are given by theSovereign of the Universe to all mankind ...  "The Americans are the first people whom Heaven has favored with an opportunity of ... choosing the forms of government under which they should live.
All other constitutions have derived their existence from violence or accidental circumstances ...
Your lives, your liberties, your property, will be at the disposal of your Creator and yourselves."

J ohn Jay, President of the Continental Congress and First Chief Justics of the US Supreme Court and 
co-author of the Federalists Papers    (Thanks, Bill)
On May 5, 2015 voters turned down road and fuel tax increases by a margin of about 
80% against to 20% for. Republican politicians ignored the vote to pass increases in fuel taxes and registration fees. How will it effect the 2018 vote? Will the GOP lose control?

At 3.9%, the national unemployment rate (U-3) is now at an 18-year low. Adding the discouraged & marginally attached workers, the U-6 unemployment rate of 7.8%, which some people say is the "real" unemployment rate, is now at an 18 year low. (Thanks, Brian)

Thank you Susan for showing us Spring has Sprung!

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, 
it's also what it takes to sit down and listen." - Winston Churchill

Why the Right is Right Greg Gutfield Video

"I surely wish God Almighty would give the Children of Israel an Isaiah, the Christians a St. Paul, and the Sons of Ishmael a peep at the Golden Rule." President Harry Truman

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Side Notes
We highly recommend viewing this fairly short video of the Pilgrims and Founding principles:    The Pilgrims Formula To Save America! Kirk Cameron in Monumental - The only successful strategy for liberty that has ever been carried out  in the history of mankind -   Video Link

A point that hit us profoundly is that education is the responsibility of parents. When government provides the education, it is to serve and teach what the government wants, not the parents want or their values. In the 1960s the Courts took God and values out of public education and facilities. Until we get them back, liberty will not be restored

Theme: "Our Constitution: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

UPCPAC - MCU is supporting  the Upper Michigan Conservative Political Action Conference at  Highland Golf Club, 
3011 U.S. 2,  Escanaba MI  49829 
June 8&9.   Info HERE
Awesome faculty & program 
UPCPAC Keweenaw Report
 with schedule links HERE!

Friday night June 8 (6-10 PM) will feature several upper Michigan legislators, Congressman Jack Bergman, Statewide candidates Senators Patrick Colbeck and Tonya Schuitmaker, SOS candidate Joseph Gusman and incumbent cCo-President of the State School Board Dr. Rev. Richard Zeile and candidates for State Legislature. Featured presentations will be given by Tenesee Lawyer and Author Publius Huldah"  The Constitution and the Article V Convention; plus author and former Homeland Security official Phil Haney:  "See Something, Say Nothing":Dangers of Islam in America.

Saturday June 9, doors open at 9AM, program starts at 10AM. 
UPCPAC brings togther knowledgeable speakers to help us understand our Constitution, its rich history, the differing ways it is under attack, today and what our future may look like tomorrow because of it.
UPCPAC's list of speakers includes:
Prof. William Wagner: President and CEO of Salt and Light Global
Dave Agema: Chairman of the Top Gun Republican PAC, former member Michigan House of Representatives, Republican National Committee
William Mohr: Chairman; the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan
Hon. Norm Hughes: Chairman; Michigan Conservative Union; Former Reagan official and architectural engineer
Terri McCormick Ph.D; Author, Speaker, former Wiscosin State Rep.
Congressman Jack Bergman: Lt. General, Retired; Pilot, Businessman
Judge Michael Warren: Author of "America's Survival Guide", Education head for Cornerstione Schools of Detroit, and former member Michigan State School Board
Jim Hafeman: Marine, retired, Law Enforcement Office
Tom Deweese: President; American Policy Center, author, speaker
Tom Casperson: State Senator, former State Rep., businessman
Hope to see you there!

President Trump -  Memorial Day 
At Arlington National Cemetery today, President Trump laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and paid his respects to those who gave their lives for the country.
   "Our fallen heroes have not only written our history, they have shaped our destiny," Trump said, speaking at the cemetery's Memorial Ampitheater. "They inspired their communities and uplifted their country and provided the best example of courage, virtue and valor the world will ever know. They fought and bled and died so that America would forever remain safe and strong and free."


Promise Kept!
New USA embassy in Israel Capitol.
Several presidents promised - only one delivered - Jerusalem is Israel's Capitol   Video

Fr eedom without authority is anarchy
Authority without freedom is tyranny
This is why we should have a republic.  
Sue Long

"That government is best which governs least."
Henry David Thoreau

"The less government we have, the better."  Ralph Waldo Emerson (Thanks, Bill)
Last call for video session from MiCPAC2018 in Holt, April 6 & 7
 Morning Session  HERE
Jay Taylor, Rev. Dr. Ira Combs, Norm Hughes, Lemon James, Jordan Hess, Sen. Patrick Colbeck, Jerry Allen, Publuis Huldah, Dr. Harry Veryser, Prof. William Wagner, Judge Michael Warren, Emery McClendon, Dr. Robert Steele, Rev. Dr. Daryl L. Franzel.

MiCPAC Afternoon Session  Here
Dr. Rob Steele, Larry Pratt, John Daniele, Rep. Gary Glenn, KevonMartis, Kimberly Buffen, Dr. Rev. Richard Zeile, Melanie Kurdys, Thyrone X, Randy Bishop, Chris Meister, Adam Edward Green, Grant Strobl, Mary Sears, Rebecca Kiessling, Jason Gillman, Larry Bass, Dawn Dodge, Joan Grindel, Janice Daniels, John James, Bob Carr, Tonya Schuitmaker, Mary Treder Lang, Jay Taylor, Norm Hughes

++ Compare Prescription prices  HERE
Transparency in health care will increase competition and wquality and cut costs. 

++ Over-regulation makes criminals of someone who braids hair for a friend, or gives free meals, etc.  Wake up and take a good, hard look around you, and ask yourself if the gussied-up version of America being sold to you-crime free, worry free and devoid of responsibility-is really worth the ticket price: nothing less than your freedom.  Great Article  (Thanks, Jay)
   And Michigan is going AMOK with bill after bill to regulate and raise fees. Vet the candidates closely! 

++ Public Schools Are Designed to Create 'Standardized' Children (and Modern Evidence Suggests They Do)     MORE

++ Millennials Want Socialism, But Don't Want to Foot the Bill for It.  Link

Sponsored by Michigan Conservative Union - Southeast MI. chapter.

++ We are watching guardian and welfare fraud in Michigan's courts!  "estate documents, and other evidence, are routinely ignored in these proceedings as false instruments are presented by predatory attorneys and validated by the court to justify redirecting estate assets into the control of predatory parties.  Estates are being liquidated by the legal community through endless and unnecessary litigation, or outright theft.  The victims have no redress...
   These cases can be characterized by "isolate the victim, defame legitimate family, and liquidate the estate" and they are routinely executed by parties well entrenched in the local probate court system." Rick Black, Director CEAR (Thanks, Jodi)

We are pleased with the investigation into this practice in Oakland County Courts. 
   If you are in a position to help or have first hand knowledge of abuse, want to court wtch, or donate to fight this family busting practice, Email

MCU-SE is also watching Child Protective Services that seem to think your children belong to the State, on loan to you only as long as you do what they want. 
 And, we are following Human Trafficing in Michigan.
   If you have compelling information on abuses please email

On his desk in the Oval Office, President Reagan kept a small plaque with the words: "There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit." 

Or on the form below. If the form does not show scroll all the way down and hit the line for full view
National & International

++ Las Vegas Massacre Possibly Joint Antifa/ISIS Operation, Former FBI Agent Says   Link

++ Civil War Erupts In Sweden as Irate Swedes Burn Nine Muslim Refugee Centers to the Ground  - (Thanks, Gail)  Story
++ DNC badly spilt and deeply in debt. Hillary accused of stealing money from state Democrat Parties - Article

++ John Kerry seen with five Iranian diplomats i n Paris after Iran threatens to name names. "Trash talking Trump." Article

++ Treason!  Obama Admin Officials Urge European Leaders To Take Action Against US For  Nixing Iran Deal -  Has there been any prior administration in history who has done so much to undermine their successors?
   This is unconscionable.
   It isn't just an attempt to undermine the Trump administration but it is undermining the United States and hurting our position with our allies.

++ Nunez calls for arrest of John Kerry and charges of Treason!   John Kerry was running a shadow government in order to save the ridiculously bad Iran deal and met with several foreign leaders which is a direct violation of the Logan Act. But Rep Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee,  isn't satisfied with that and has called for the Feds to arrest Kerry on charges of treason.
    According to US law, no private citizen may meet with a foreign power to negotiate a deal. Since Kerry was working directly against US policy and trying to sabotage the elected government the charge of treason would apply. More

++ Iowa governor signs fetal 'heartbeat bill' into law.   The (six week) restriction is the strictest abortion regulation in the nation. More

++ Trump to Pull Feds Out of Education -
The Trump Administration  announced this week that it will began taking steps to curb federal government overreach into public school systems  around the country.
   "For too long the government has imposed its will on state and local governments. The result has been education that spends more and achieves far, far, far less," President Donald  J. Trump said. "My administration has been working to reverse this federal power grab and give power back to families, cities [and] states - give power back to localities." Article

++  Mueller Doesn't Want A Hearing About Leaks Because It May 'Hurt His Case' 
   Paul Manafort requested a hearing to potential reveal alleged leakers in Meuller's case. If successful, it would mean that Robert Meuller's sources could be called to the stand as witnesses.  Mueller, of course, wants to avoid this hearing because up until this point his 'sources' have remained anonymous.
 Mueller's entire investigation is based on anonymous people who may or may not exist for all we know. The special counsel is doing everything he can to see to it that we remain in the dark. More

++ Students around the country walked out of class in support of the Second Amendment.  The walkout was part of Will Riley's "Stand for the Second" event - a  nationwide call to counter nonstop gun control campaigns with a walkout in support of the Second Amendment and our founding principles. 
   Students at over 300 schools responded to Riley's battle cry, pledging to "Stand for the Second" in their respective locations.
   On May 1, Breitbart News reported that  Riley, a senior at New Mexico's Carlsbad High School, is not a gun owner but believes the ideals and freedoms dear to our Founding Fathers ought to be dear to us as well. 
(Thanks, Nick)   More

++ First test indicate females in combat do not perform as well as all male units. Study

Michigan Brief 

++ HJR V and SJR G would force a new National Constitution Convention. James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Chief Justices John Jay and Warren Burger, Justices Goldberg and Scalia all warned that an Article V convention cannot be controlled. 
  It has been stalled in the Michigan House after being rushed through Committee with no notice and hearing only one witness pushing the so-called Convention Of States (COS).  
   Nationally, COS has lost this year in 17 state legislatures without winning one. Michigan and North Carolina appear to be their top targets for the remainder of this year. 
   Now it has been introduced in the Michigan Senate. It could be rushed through, and there might be a precipitous hearing as early as tomorrow, May 29, 2018. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO CALL, EMAIL, VISIT OR OTHERWISE CONTACT LEGISLATORS. 
   Those pushing COS have been exceptionally deceptive, claiming it could be limited, although their proposal is very general and has no specific amendments to consider. 
  Our first US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay wrote that another convention would run an "
   Justice Scalia:  "I certainly would not want a constitutional convention. I mean, whoa! Who knows what would come out of that?"
  Alexander Hamilton said he "dreads" the consequences of another convention because enemies of the Constitution want to get rid of it.
  James Madison warned
"the most violent partizans", and "individuals of insidious views" would strive to be delegates and would have "a dangerous opportunity of sapping the very foundations of the fabric" of our Country.
NOTE:  Your editor was a congressional staffer in 1973 when we asked the Library of Congress and SCOTUS if an Art. V convention could be limited. The response was that there was no guarantee, that a convention could go where it wanted. The Linrary of Congress advised Secretary of State Jefferson of this in 1796, after which he feared the process and dropped his proposed Amendment. It has failed more than 600 times for the same reason. It would ne National suicide in this political climate. We change public policies by changing the perceptions and demands of voters.  

++ "Absolutely" a blue Muslim wave coming" says Michigan 13th district congressional candidate Rashida Tlai Link
(Thanks, Ed)

++ Only 5 percent of Detroit public-school eighth graders were proficient or better in math in 2017. Only 7 percent were proficient or better in reading
   Nationally, 65% of Public School 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading; 67% Not Proficient in Math (Thanks, Wes)   Link to Report

++ Property taxes in Michigan are nearly 100% more than in Indiana  and 10% more than Ohio. Full Report

++ Michigan gets F grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation. 
Public Access to Information GRADE:F(34) RANK: 42nd
Political Financing GRADE:F(52) RANK: 32nd
Electoral Oversight GRADE:B-(81) RANK: 5th
Executive Accountability GRADE:F(27) RANK: 50th
Legislative Accountability GRADE:F(36) RANK: 50th
Judicial Accountability GRADE:F(30) RANK: 50th
State Budget Processes GRADE:B+(89) RANK: 8th
State Civil Service Management GRADE:F(56) RANK: 37th
Procuremen tGRADE:F(54) RANK: 46th
Internal Auditing GRADE:C+(79) RANK: 32nd
Lobbying Disclosure GRADE:F(51) RANK: 43rd
Ethics Enforcement Agencies GRADE:F(39) RANK: 47th
State Pension Fund Management GRADE:F(30) RANK: 50th (Thanks, George)    Source

++ Health Risks of Wireless technology -
SB 637 and SB 894 -  do legislators have a clue to what they are bringing to our neighborhoods? MCU Director Janice Daniels had this article published just today in the national  Link

++ Most of state's largest unions have seen a collapse in members and political spending  since Michigan Freedom To Work Laws were passed five years ago.   MCPP Article

  If you are a union member taking home about 2.5% more each paycheck, thank MFTW for making it possible for you to option out.
  If you are a Republican, your chances of getting elected are greater since Labor Freedom Laws.

Did you know our Freedom To Work laws should save workers in Michigan $125 Million a year when fully implemented?  Our work continues to defend these laws, promote more jobs and assure labor freedom. Donations welcome.  MFTW, POB 658, Oxford, Mi 48371

++ Hudsonville man, WWII OSS veteran receives Congressional Gold Medal
(Thanks, Bill)   Article

++ Shri not what he appears to be? As Democrat Shri Thanedar governor candidate surges to #1 in the polls, the dirt stars coming out.  Article
++ Michigan Democrat's Shuttered Company Abandoned Over 100 Dogs And Monkeys -  More
++ Not Rick Snyder ("That's closer.") "most progressive Democrat"  for governor  Commercial

++ The University of Michigan has launched a new website to serve as a resource for undocumented students, including those who have DACA status, even as their fate in the United  States remains unclear. The website features four components - supportive services, community support, external funding and parent information - aiming to provide those students  with a support network of staff and other undocumented and DACA students allies at UM. (Thanks, Terry) More

"The American home ... ceased to be a school of moral and spiritual education.
   When spiritual guidance is at a low ebb, moral principles are in a state of deterioration. Secularism advances when men forget God."  
                          J. Edgar Hoover

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I t takes fuel to make things move. Money is the mother's milk of politics. You have some to provide for our thousands of volunteers, or they are not fed, fueled, taught, strategized, managed, coordinated, motivated and inspired. What is unique about what we do, is every doller is matched by volunteer commitments to the cause and work at hand.  Thus, your dollars go much farther and get lots more done. No other conservative grass roots organization in Michigan comes close to our achievements over the many years for God, Family, Country and State. 
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Dr. Russell Kirk's   
The Conservative Mind  began the modern conservative movement and was the guide Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Wm.F. Buckley, Jr., and others looked to for clarity and focus on "the permanent things."  
Linked here a

John Jay on a second Constitution Convention: 
You must have observed that the same temper and equanimity which prevailed among the people on the former occasion, no longer exists. We have unhappily become divided into parties; and this important subject has been handled with such indiscreet and offensive acrimony, and with so many little unhandsome artifices and misrepresentations, that pernicious heats and animosities have been kindled, and spread their flames far and wide among us. When therefore it becomes a question who shall be deputed to the new Convention; we cannot flatter ourselves that the talents and integrity of the candidates will determine who shall be elected. Federal electors will vote for Fœderal deputies, and anti-Fœderal electors for anti-Fœderal ones. Nor will either party prefer the most moderate of their adherents, for as the most staunch and active partizans will be the most popular, so the men most willing and able to carry points, to oppose, and divide, and embarrass their opponents, will be chosen. A Convention formed at such a season, and of such men, would be but too exact an epitome of the great body that named them. The same party views, the same propensity to opposition, the same distrusts and jealousies, and the same unaccommodating spirit which prevail without, would be concentred and ferment with still greater violence within. Each deputy would recollect 
who  sent [14] him, and 
why  he was sent; and be too apt to consider himself bound in honor, to contend and act vigorously under the standard of his party, and not hazard their displeasure by prefering compromise to victory. As vice does not sow the seeds of virtue, so neither does passion cultivate the fruits of reason. Suspicions and resentments create no disposition to conciliate, nor do they infuse a desire of making partial and personal objects bend to general union and the common good. The utmost efforts of that excellent disposition were necessary to enable the late Convention to perform their task; and although contrary causes sometimes operate similar effects, yet to expect that discord and animosity should produce the fruits of confidence and agreement, is to expect "grapes from thorns, and figs from thistles."

But if for the reasons already mentioned, and others that we cannot now perceive, the new Convention, instead of producing a better plan, should give us only a history of their disputes, or should offer us one still less pleasing than the present, where should we be then? 

John Jay makes several great points. What if a ConCon ensues and creates a new, or amends the existing Constitution. What if YOUR state decides not to ratify? 

You cannot be certain, that by rejecting the proposed plan you would not place yourself in a very awkward situation. Suppose nine States should nevertheless adopt it, would you not in that case be obliged either to separate from the Union or rescind your dissent? The first would not be eligible, nor could the latter be pleasant-A mere hint is sufficient on this topic-You cannot but be aware of the consequences.


You with us? 

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