AML 130th Anniversary

The Acton Memorial Library was dedicated May 24, 1890 to the memory of those who served in the Civil War

The Acton Memorial Library was commissioned in 1899 by William Allan Wilde, who built the library as a gift to the Town and as a memorial to those who served in the Civil War. On March 29, 1889, he wrote his friend Luther Conant:

"I desire that Acton's Memorial Library shall be dedicated to two noble objects, viz, to the memory of Acton's patriotic citizens, who at their country's call, left home and family ties and on many a hard fought battle field made a united country once more possible...

"The second object of this Memorial Library, as I have it in my mind, is to give to every man, woman, and child in Acton a Library of good, pure, interesting and instructive reading, —so to mould the minds of all, especially those of the young that the whole people shall be elevated socially, morally, and religiously by its silent but beneficent influences."

Learn more about Acton's role in the Civil War here:

Memorial Day Ceremony
Due to the current public health concerns there will not be a Town Memorial Day Ceremony this year. As an alternative, a Memorial Day video put together by the Veterans Officer James MacRae along with Gail Sawyer and ActonTV is being shown on local access cable this weekend. View the Acton Memorial Day Ceremonies 2020 video on youtube at the following link:

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