Celebration Barbeques!

With Memorial Day and Father's Day on the horizon, it's time to talk Asian Pears and barbeque! Our own Asian Pear Spread is fantastic in the grilling arena. Asian Pear Spread is crafted by cooking down our own Asian Pears until they are a thick, rich spread. While delicious on it's own and paired with cheese, it also shines in Asian Pear BBQ Sauce and Agrodolce Pork Burgers with Asian Pear Spread. Happy grilling!
Speaking of Pears... 

“I am obsessed with the Asian Pear Spread. I make Greek yogurt each week and toss a dollop into my serving each morning. I will also go for a spoonful all on its own if I am craving something sweet" - Nancy, Havertown, PA

Good Fruit Grower
Down on the Farm...

Subarashii Kudamono was recently highlighted in the magazine Good Fruit Grower. The piece details the intensive work it takes to grow Asian Pears in the Eastern US, including the meticulous care in orchard management, winter pruning, and ongoing collaboration with Mother Nature from season to season. To read the article in its entirety, please click here.
Spring bouquets.

The recent bloom revealed many young Asian Pears growing in boisterous clusters on our trees. Each soaking up the warm sunshine, growing little by little every day. Some will topple off due to wind, others will be hand-selected and thinned from each cluster by our orchard crew. The biggest and most beautiful young Asian Pears will then have the room needed for growth as Summer weather arrives.

It's never too soon to notify us that you wish to be the first to order our large, beautiful fresh Asian Pears once Fall harvest begins!
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