Memorial Day - We remember
" How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes." – Maya Angelou

On this special, historic day, ACTS proudly honors our men and women in the military with a poignant video.
Breaking News!

ACTS Thrift Store will delay reopening , because we are:

  • Working hard to conform to recently released instructions on operating a store during the pandemic.

  • Expanding our paved parking lot to give customers more quality parking.

  • Paving the Receiving Area and driveway around the building. (photo)
Recently, volunteers from First Presbyterian Church of Elk Rapids worked hard to spruce up the outside of our building.

Thank you, Wayne Potter and all other helpers. Good job!
Special Delivery
Thanks to Northwest Food Coalition and Food Rescue, ACTS got the Wurst of it. Incredibly generous donors helped bring food to area pantries: 8,540 brats rescued from Costco . 3,200 lbs of potatoes donated by  Iott Seed Farms and 1,600 lbs of carrots and cabbage purchased through the Local Food Relief Fund from  Second Spring Farm.
No Merchandise Donations!
While our Thrift Store is closed, we are taking NO donations of clothing and other merchandise. Do not bring them. Do not drop them out back. We have no volunteers on site to deal with them. Stay home. Stay safe.
While our store remains closed, g enerating no revenue, we rely on only your generous cash donations to purchase food for people in need. Please click the button below to read how to give to ACTS.
ACTS Thrift Store -
Safely Opening Later
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