Greetings Memorial School Community,

We are eagerly anticipating the return of our students to school on August 31st. Our Memorial School staff, especially our custodians, have been working hard to ensure students return to a safe, clean, and engaging environment ready for learning. 

An important topic that staff will be addressing with students upon their return is masks. This has been a lightning rod topic within our community as well as around the country since the beginning of the pandemic. As you may know, for the start of the school year the Sanborn Regional School District School Board voted to adopt the current return to school plan which includes masks as “recommended”, not “required”. As with most current topics, there are varying opinions and feelings on mask-wearing. Regardless of personal feelings and choices, we want to be clear that negative behavior, including put-downs or shaming of any kind around a person’s choice to wear or not wear a mask, will not be tolerated at Memorial School. Our staff will spend time during Morning Meeting, especially during the first week(s) of school to ensure that students understand that Memorial School is a place where kindness and empathy are not only encouraged, but an expectation for all students and staff. As students already know, our C.A.R.E.S. values (Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, Self Control) play an important role in our decision making and how we choose to treat others.

Please consider taking a few minutes before the start of the school year to address this topic with your child. When our students, especially at this age, hear similar messages at home and at school, its importance is clear. Likewise, please encourage your child to let an adult know if they are made to feel uncomfortable for their choice to wear or not wear a mask. Teaching our students to speak up and advocate for themselves is an incredibly important skill to develop at the upper elementary level.

Thank you for taking the time to read these thoughts and for your support at home as you prepare for the start of the school year.


Ryan McCluskey

Jill Lizier
Assistant Principal