May 18, 2018
Upcoming Events
Tuesday, May 22
Kindergarten Field Trip -
Stone Zoo

Friday, May 25
Memorial Day Assembly
Gym - 2:00 PM

Monday, May 28
No School
Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 29
5th Grade - Stand By Me
Camp Lincoln

Thursday, May 31
2nd Grade Field Trip - 
Seacoast Science Center

Thursday, May 31
Bakie/Memorial Band Concert
SRHS - 6:30 PM

Friday, June 1
Volunteer Tea
Library - 9:00 AM

Friday, June 1
PTO Mother/Son Event
Camp Trickling Falls - 
5:30 PM

Thursday, June 7
4th Grade Field Trip - 
State House

Tuesday, June 12
Field Day
(Rain Date 6/13)

Wednesday, June 13
Last Day for Preschool

Thursday, June 14
Kindergarten Celebration
2:00 PM (Classrooms)

Thursday, June 14
4th Grade Field Trip -
Strawberry Banke

Thursday, June 14
5th Grade - Move Up Day 9:30 AM (SRMS)

Thursday, June 14
PTO Meeting
Library - 7:00 PM

Friday, June 15
Senior Walk Thru
9:30 AM

Friday, June 15
5th grade End of Year Awards - Gym - 1:30 PM 

Monday, June 18
1st Grade Field Trip - 
York's Wild Kingdom

Monday, June 18
5th Grade Field Trip - 
Great Island Common

Tuesday, June 19
Last Day for students - Full Day

31 West Main Street Newton, NH  03858
Principal, Dr. Patricia Haynes
Assistant Principal, Donna B. Johnson
Principal's Message
Dr. Haynes
Caring for others is one of the hallmarks of the culture and climate at Memorial School. We started the month of May with a week long celebration of our teachers and staff during Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week. Thank you to all the parents of the PTO who provided treats throughout the week and a wonderful luncheon for everyone. The teachers and staff are extremely grateful for the gifts and recognition. We are so happy to be part of the Memorial family!

Students at Memorial have been extremely busy and thoughtful, too. Through the direction and coordination of the Student Council lead by Mr. Kevin McKenney, the students participated in our annual Penny Drive. 

This year, the NHSPCA was selected as the recipient of the funds raised by our students.  Mrs. Banyas' third grade class and the Preschool students were the highest earning classes for this drive.  Our students raised nearly $1200 for the NHSPCA! A check was presented to Mrs. Stephanie Stanley, an NHSPCA volunteer, during our CARES awards ceremony on Thursday, May 17th. Pictured below are our students with the large check. We are so glad that our students' efforts will be put to good use in helping to protect and care for the animals of our state.

We also recognized a large group of students for exhibiting the CARES attributes at our final CARES awards ceremony of the school year. Not only were students recognized individually, but Mrs. Black's second grade class received an award for their collective demonstration of empathy and cooperation. Way to go Memorial students!

News from the Nurse
Ticks & Lyme Disease:
Now that the weather is getting nice we are spending more time outdoors! Great! But be on the lookout for ticks, especially black-legged ticks that carry lyme disease and other diseases. They are most active April through October and New Hampshire has one of the highest incidence rates of lyme disease in the country.
  • Avoid wooded and bushy areas with high grass and leaf litter.
  • Walk in the center of trails.
Repel Ticks with DEET or Permethrin

Find and Remove Ticks from Your Body

  • Bathe or shower as soon as possible after coming indoors (preferably within 2 hours) to wash off and more easily find ticks that are crawling on you.
  • Conduct a full-body tick check using a hand-held or full-length mirror to view all parts of your body upon return from tick-infested areas. Parents should check their children for ticks under the arms, in and around the ears, inside the belly button, behind the knees, between the legs, around the waist, and especially in their hair.
  • Ticks can ride into the home on clothing and pets, then attach to a person later, so carefully examine pets, coats, and day packs.
  • Tumble clothes in a dryer on high heat for an hour to kill remaining ticks. (Some research suggests that shorter drying times may also be effective, particularly if the clothing is not wet.
Tick removal:
If you find a tick attached to your skin, there's no need to panic. Several tick removal devices are available on the market, but a plain set of fine-tipped tweezers will remove a tick effectively.
How to remove a tick
  1. Use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin's surface as possible.
  2. Pull upward with steady, even pressure. Don't twist or jerk the tick; this can cause the mouth-parts to break off and remain in the skin. If this happens, remove the mouth-parts with tweezers. If you are unable to remove the mouth easily with clean tweezers, leave it alone and let the skin heal.
  3. After removing the tick, thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol, an iodine scrub, or soap and water.
  4. Dispose of a live tick by submersing it in alcohol, placing it in a sealed bag/container, wrapping it tightly in tape, or flushing it down the toilet. Never crush a tick with your fingers.
clipart style image showing the proper removal of a tick using a pair of tweezers
If you develop a rash or fever within several weeks of removing a tick, see your doctor. Be sure to tell the doctor about your recent tick bite, when the bite occurred, and where you most likely acquired the tick.

Immunization Requirements for Fifth grade students :
Please be advised that when your child is age 11 years or older, and it has been 5 years or longer since their last Tetanus toxoid-containing immunization, they must receive a booster dose of tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine.  If your child has a documented medical contraindication to pertussis vaccine, a Td booster is acceptable. In addition, every child entering grade 6 must have had (2) doses of Varicella vaccine (chicken pox). If your child had the disease of chicken pox, this must be listed with the date of the disease on a recent physical history and exam form completed by your child's health care provider.   If your child is 11 years old, and has already received these immunizations, please provide a copy of the latest physical exam and updated immunization record to the health office as soon as possible.  This may be faxed to the school nurse at 603-382-1466. If your child has a well-child visit scheduled within this school year, please discuss these requirements with the doctor at the time of the visit, and provide a copy of this physical and updated immunization record to the school nurse.  
Upcoming Bike Event
2018 Dale Jr Foundation Safe Kids 301
Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD)
Date and Time
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 New Hampshire 106
Loudon, NH
The New Hampshire   Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities in conjunction with the Injury Prevention Center of N.H. and Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD) are excited to present the 14th Annual Dale Jr Foundation Safe Kids 301. 
The Dale Jr Foundation Safe Kids 301 is a free family biking event held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on the NASCAR oval in Loudon, N.H.  Families can take a few laps around the track on their bikes to kick off the summer season.
In addition to the biking component there is a health and safety fair held in the infield garage.  It is a wonderful event for families to get to enjoy biking on the NHMS track as well as learn valuable information about how to minimize preventable injuries.  Included in the health and safety fair are bike safety checks, a bike helmet station, child seat demonstrations, and much more. 
Registration begins at 5:00 pm and the track will be open from 5:30-7:30.  Admission is free! 
Cindy Cole, RN
Cafeteria News
We would like to thank the PTO for all of the awesome treats and coffee cart during Teacher Appreciation week. We are so thankful for all you do for everyone in our school!  We love our new salad spinner!  And a special thank you to Travis and DJ for our new kitchen shears, we use them every day. We truly appreciate your generosity.

The menu for June will feature items chosen by the Nutrition Committee. After meeting this week, we decided the week of June 11-17 will be dedicated to the students. They requested cheese stuffed bread sticks, macaroni and cheese with barbecue chicken, corn dogs, nachos with cheese sauce and nacho bar, grilled cheese and tomato soup, French toast sticks, and a deli sandwich with baked chips. They also requested more fruit selections like watermelon, strawberries and honeydew melon. Watch for a new and updated menu for June!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact JoAnne at Memorial kitchen @382-3326.
Kindergarten News
Adventures in Kindergarten

The kindergarten students have grown in many ways throughout this school year. The students came into Memorial school for the first time having to get to know about their new school, make new friends, and adjust to a busy day filled with movement, academics, and discovery. Our year has been very successful. Students have had the time to learn with each other, participate in unified arts, and participate in enrichment and reteaching opportunities. These are only a few of the wonderful, positive things that have happened this year. We are very proud of our students and the excellent job they have done with their first year at Memorial School!
Recently we have done an introduction to informational text. The students looked at the text features that make informational books special. The students know that informational books teach you something, usually have real photographs, and captions. The students will continue to work with informational text as we start our study of Animals. Each student will be learning about personally selected animals they are interested in. The personalized nature of this unit gives us the opportunity to use cooperative learning where we will teach each other about the animals we each focused on. We are excited to have our students engaged in this rich learning experience. We hope to have students share this learning beyond the classroom with Dr. Haynes and the student council. We hope that they will consider one of our animals for a school mascot!
The classrooms will also begin using the work of beloved children's author Eric Carle. He is the author of many stories that complement our work with animals. The literature is playful and engaging for the students. We will also be illustrating as Eric Carle does. The students will participate in a project of designing the papers just as Eric Carle does to create his colorful illustrations. Be on the lookout for these imaginative animal masterpieces!

Beginning Band News
This is such an exciting time of year!  All 3 rd Graders participated in Instrumental Trials in May. Everyone had the opportunity to play the 6 different wind instruments offered in 4 th grade band! I hope this created a lot of excitement and helped with the decision of choosing a band instrument. Band will start when school starts next year and we are offering the Kick Start Camp to all beginning instrumentalist on August 20 th and 21 st .
To sign up for and to hear all of the information about band, please join me at one of the parent informational meetings! There are two meeting times Tuesday May, 29 th  and Thursday, June 7 th . However, you only need to attend one meeting. Both meetings will start at 5:00 p.m. in the Sanborn Regional High School Auditorium.  There will be a short presentation of information at 5:00 and at 6:00. If you are unable to attend either meeting please contact me,  . I look forward to creating music with our youngest instrumentalist next year!  
Music News
Our First Grade Concert was May 3 @ 6:30 pm. It was a fantastic show and students did a marvelous job!

-Fourth Graders have been preparing to sing at the Memorial Day Celebration on May 25 th at 2pm. All active or retired military members are welcome to attend.
-Fifth Graders have chosen songs to perform at their end of the year celebration on June 15 th .
Physical Education News
Check out our students in action with the Northeast Passage Similarity Awareness program. The facilitators have been working with grades 2-5 all week during P.E.    This experience taught students to consider that using a wheelchair while playing a sport requires skill and practice and is also challenging, athletic and fun. We discussed the similarities that we share, regardless of ability, through participation in activities and discussion. It was a big hit and I think it is safe to say they all enjoyed TACO TAG the most. 

Reading News with Dr. Corbin
Spring is such a busy time, especially now the sun is out!! Sometimes it is difficult to find time to fit in reading with sports, dance, gymnastics, karate, girl and boy scouts, piano and instrument lessons-just for a start! A suggestion to help you support literacy at home was created by National Center for Families Learning (
This month long collection of activities can fit right into your daily routine - see a sample below.
One of the most powerful ways to keep you children reading over the summer is to join the town library. Please stay tuned for all of their wonderful plans for the summer.
School Counselor News with Mrs. Collins 


Student Council News
The Memorial Student Council has wrapped up our annual Penny Drive. This year's fundraiser was a HUGE success! As a school we raised over $1100, exceeding our goal of $1000! A special congratulations to our two highest raising classes, Ms. Banyas' 3rd grade class and our preschool class, each raised over $300 on their own! All of the money raised will be donated to the NHSPCA. We will be presenting a check to a representative at our CARES assembly on  May 17th

Thank you to everyone who helped out and contributed to this great event!

Memorial PTO
PTO Updates
We are getting ready to wrap up our school year! Our last PTO Meeting for the year will be held on June 14 th at 7:00 in the library. We hope to see you there as we will be in the beginning planning stages of next year's events!
We had a successful teacher appreciation week. Wishes still remain at the front entrance, feel free to grab one for your favorite Memorial Staff!
We hope everyone enjoyed the Father/Daughter Dance!
Mother/Son is June 1 st ; we will be hosting another Camp Night at Camp Trickling Falls. Flyers have been sent home but you can get a copy by clicking here.
Don't forget The PTO is registered as a nonprofit on GuideStar and is registered on AmazonSmile. Please consider using those sites for all your shopping needs!
Gale Library News
Sign up to make Mother a Picket Fence Photo Frame for Mother's Day on Saturday, May 5, from 10:30 to 12.
Face Paint a Friend  on Monday, May 7 at 6 PM. But don't forget the friend will paint your face, hand, or arm. Materials and patterns will be provided but bring an old t-shirt or towel to protect clothing.
The next early release day is Wednesday, May 9. At 2 PM we will be showing a new release movie, "Peter Rabbit" at our Movie Matinee Peter Rabbit's feud with Mr. McGregor reaches new heights as both compete for the affections of a kind animal lover who lives next door.  Snacks will be served. Please bring your own drink.
Bring your favorite doll to the Doll Tea Party on Monday, May 14 at 6:30 PM. Reserve your spot now for an evening of fashion and fun. Enjoy goodies and, of course, tea and punch with your dolls and friends, call 382-4691 to sign up. Space is limited.
Our Fancy Nancy, Cool Dude Storyhour  will be held on Tuesday, May 19, at 10 AM. Dress in your fancy duds or borrow something from our dress up box. Bring a tea set, your favorite stuffed friend or doll. Don't forget the camera for Photo time.
Story hour  themes for the month are Mother's Day Tulip Bouquet, Fancy Nancy- Cool Dude Tea Party, Red, White and Blue and Jump Frog. Story hour is held on Tuesdays at 10 AM with Stories, songs, finger plays, and crafts.
1000 Books Before Kindergarten  Awards will be made at our Fancy Nancy-Cool Dude Tea Party. 1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a national program that is intended to promote reading together with your child. The more words and books a child is exposed to in their early years, the more likely they are to love reading and be more able to do it well! 
Our program is pretty easy. Sign up in the Children's Room at the Gale Library. You can then pick up a form to color in. Read! You just have to keep track of how many books, not the titles (although you can if you'd like). If you read the same book again and again, it counts each time you read it!
SoRock - Parenting A Second Time Around Workshop

Click here for the link to sign up 

Sanborn Youth Football

Sanborn Youth Ice Hockey Boosters
The Sanborn Ice Hockey Boosters group is running our 4 th  Annual golf tournament fundraiser at the Apple Hill Country Club in East Kingston on Saturday, May 19 th , 2018. 

Attached is a flyer with the details for the tournament where we are looking for players, hole sponsors and donations for our raffles.  As you probably know, the Hockey Boosters have a large amount of money to raise each year and every little bit helps.

Click here for the Hockey Golf Tournament flyer.

Summer Soccer Camp

Summer Enrichment at Sanborn

Dr. Patricia Haynes, Principal

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