My Dearest Borinqueneers:

First, I am still searching for inspiration and feelings to describe my gratitude for everyone who has helped us to achieve our the milestone of the unveiling BCGM ceremony that to paid tribute to some of our Borinqueneers.  What we accomplished together is one of the greatest achievements of our lives.  We will forever be grateful and inspired; and we are not done...we have a lot of work to do and many Borinqueneers to pay tribute. Again, we are not done.  We have been recuperating.  On Behalf of our Borinqueneers I want to thank all of you that supported our mission, the list is quite long.  I hope to have that information soon available. 

Col Manuel Siverio

                    SGM Jose Colon

Col John Palese

For now, we want to recognize the Board of Directors that collaborated to form the BCGMCNC Directors and Executive Committee, without them we would have never been able to have a vision we needed:

Antonio J. Vicéns
Rafael A. Fantauzzi
Jeff Pounding
Robert Carter

These gentlemen helped shape the vision and plan that we executed.

Rob Medina, Melissa and Jeff Pounding.  Jeff is a tremendous strategic planner.

The executive associates Albie Albertorio,  Lydia E. Santiago, and Victor D. Santiago.

Victor Santiago and Lydia E Santiago.

To my wife Claire for holding down fort for three years. I have a lot to catch-up and countless chores to accomplish.

The United States Congressional Staff Professional Advisors including:  George Law Garcia, John Laufer, Carolyn Vega-Melendez, and Rob Medina.

U.S. Congressional Staffers in Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Pedro R. Pierluisi

U.S. Congressional Staffers in Washington, DC - Senator Rubio.

BCGMCNC Ceremony Team in Washington, DC. Running on Midnight Oil and focused on success.

All the state leaders and teams provided unique and spirited support and together have created a fitting tribute for our Congressional Gold Medal heroes.  From my heart to yours, THANK-YOU!

We must also be grateful to Facebook and all social media and online technologies...without these resources our stories would be lost. 

Our mission continues.  The B orinqueneers  Congressional Gold Medal  National Educational Tour  is the next phase.  No one is released from duty.  State leaders be ready,  65th Infantry Regiment Veteran Borinqueneers are doing their part.  So we all have to do our part! 

This weekend we have recognitions events:

For more information visit The Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee #BCGMCNC, a non-profit (501c3) organization that is helping educate the American public about the 65th Infantry Regiment.   Information about the #BCGMNC is available at

National Borinqueneers Awards Reception

Visit and contribute to pay tribute to those who gave their lives, blood and tears; the 65th Infantry Regiment also know as The Borinqueneers.


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