I was introduced to Paws in Prison when I adopted my boy Strait in 2017. I have been heavily involved in animal rescue for 25 years but I knew immediately this program was something special.   Machelle and I became friends and I loved the mission of Paws in Prison. Of course I supported the animal rescue arm, but was passionate about the component of empowering women too.  

I was voted in as the President of the Board on September 9, 2019. Unknown to anyone yet, Machelle had died that same day. I really thought that we would be working along-side each other during my future tenure. Her death was devastating for the program and I mourned the loss of my friend. 

Doing things without Machelle and her program history and knowledge proved to be difficult! I had come onto the Board a few months prior to this so I had worked alongside Machelle for awhile. During that time, I gained access to a few important things, such as some passwords that proved to be critical later. The Board and staff spent the first few months trying to get control of important things like the bank account, credit card and access to the website.  Those first few months were just trying to get back to ground zero before we could start rebuilding. 

Today, I have two items hanging from my car’s rear-view mirror: a beaded necklace that my daughter made for me when she was a toddler and dried flowers from Machelle’s memorial. I see these two things daily to inspire me.   

I am excited to be a part of the next chapter with the passion of the new Board and Staff. We will continue Machelle’s legacy and ensure the program blossoms to honor her, but we can't do this on our own without your help. We have big goals and with your help (time, money or both) you can help us “Save More than Dogs!”