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Welcome to The Busy Corner's Newsletter

Are You Ready To  ...  In 2015?
Recently a call came in and the client said,  "You came to my house over a year ago,
I wasn't ready then, but I am now."  My first question was "Why are you ready now?"
It is not uncommon for me to hear phrases like, "I'm not ready to ... tackle that room", "go through this", "get rid of that",  and in some instances I have to be the one to say, "you are not ready".  Thinking about this has inspired the 2015 series of The Busy Corner newsletters,  Are You Ready To.... 
We will work on projects together and encourage you to be ready to organize and work on the projects that will help and keep you organized in 2015.

Are You Ready To ... Go Down Memory Lane?

Sentimental Clutter is a specialty of The Busy Corner. If you find that Memory Lane is a place you don't want to go, we are here to help you with your travel plans!


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Memory Lane...Is It Worth The Trip?
ornate street sign for Memory Lane Shantytown Westland New Zealand

Keeping up with the past can often result in a crowded home.  Don't get me wrong, I am very sentimental 
(an unusual trait for a professional organizer) and have many things that are from my past, but its just enough.
There is nothing wrong with being sentimental, enjoying collections or keeping photos and strange gifts, but...

If you have it - 

Love it - Does it make you smile? If the answer is yes, absolutely keep it!  Then think about what is the best way to keep it.  What is it?  If it's an article of clothing, it could go on the closet shelf.  A pig from your Uncles collection may deserve a spot on the built in bookcase or maybe just in the guest room.  Make those decisions from the heart and have fun doing it!

Honor it - Again, think about the things that are accumulating in your home.  Make sure these are the things that really are what make your house your home.  Honor these items by using them as home decor or storing them properly so when you do want to visit memory lane, your memories are preserved and fun to see.

Treat it with respect - Not all memorabilia is meant to be displayed.  It does need to be in protective storage bins or tucked neatly in a drawer.  Often I find things that were once special in a cardboard box in the garage.  More often than not, especially in Houston, TX, these items are ruined from rodents and mold. How special is that?
If you want it, take the time to store it properly.

If you don't want to have it any more - 

Ask another family member if they would enjoy it.  Listen to their answer, if they say no, hear it.  If they say yes, happily pass it along.  Please don't just assume they need it, and hand them a box of stuff off your shelves.  It only puts them in the position you are struggling with yourself.  Also keep in mind when you are cleaning off your shelves and you remember your neighbors daughters friend just had a baby and this little item would be perfect for a babies room, think again.  Unless you know for sure this is a gift they would cherish, let it go.  And, one thing I know for sure, is that item has the potential to sit around your house waiting to be delivered until that baby is five years old! 

Letting go is hard, especially when it includes memories from generations past or just your favorite pair of skinny jeans. If you  can't use it, love it and honor it, I strongly believe you should let it go.  If you decide donate your extra items, chances are the right person will find them, adding joy to their lives.

Selling items is another option.  It can be time consuming and often not worth the trouble.  But you may have valuables that should be looked at by a professional.
Do your homework and consult with the person that is best suited with the knowledge about your valuable items.

Other ways to sell items are:
  •  eBay
  •  YardSales/Garage Sales
  •  Consignments Stores
  •  Antique Stores
  •  Auction Houses
  •  Estate Sale Company
There are Pros and Cons to each of these venues and I highly recommend you research what is the best option for you.

Now that you have kept the sentimental items that make you happy and shared the excess that that you no longer need or cherish, take today and run with it! 

Enjoy Visiting The Past, But Live For Today 
Sentimental or Clutter? Only You Can Decide.
Assorted vintage items in the attic with retro wallpaper background.

Take a look around your house, what do you see?  Do you see things that you like and enjoy? If not, it's time to take a second look.  Maybe it's been this way for so long, you don't even know why you still have it, or where it even came from.   What once was sentimental could now just be clutter.

COLLECTIONS: Collections seem to be a thing of the past, but do you still have a tendency to be a collector?  Is it a group of collectable figurines such as Hummels or Lladro?  Maybe you liked owls at one time and now your house is a shrine to your feathered friend, thanks to all of the gifts from family and friends. It could be all of your concert ticket stubs or playbills. Whatever your gathering of choice is, is it still enjoyable or just gathering dust?  

FAMILY HEIRLOOMS:  If you are faced with the decision to deal with a loved ones estate, be careful not to accumulate their memories as your own.  There are certain items without question that belong in the family, like it or not, but do try to find the family member that will be happy to keep and respect it.  If you question the value of something, ask a professional. Sometimes we hang on to something only because we think it has value.  Once it is established that it no longer has monetary value, your relationship with that item may soon diminish.

GIFTS: What can I say about gifts? Do you love it or hate it?  There is always this love/hate emotion attached to gifts. Let me just say, if you hate it let it go to a better home!  There is this strong emotional tie just because it was given to you, you have to keep it.  If it is one of those gifts that mean something to you but it's just not your style, find a nice place to enjoy it, for awhile anyway.  Think about why this gift was chosen or made for you.   It may help in the decision of what to do with it.

PHOTOS: Photos are a  great way to travel down memory lane.  Where are they and how many do you have?  Keep a small amount of pictures from each event.  You can store them in photo albums or photo boxes and they can be organized by event. Throw away duplicates and old brown pictures.  Some pictures you may not even remember who those people are, get rid of them!  If you are a scrapbooker, wonderful, have fun with it.  If not, do not feel guilty, it's not for everyone.  Don't let digital photos fool you, they take up a lot of your storage that you are paying for and soon you will be dealing with digital clutter, hit the delete button now!

Memorabilia refers to anything that commemorates an event.   You save memorabilia to help you remember that you saw it, experienced it, or even wore it!  Is it wrong to keep it?  NO!  So many articles and tips ridicule the idea of keeping memorabilia. 
I do not agree.  Certainaly if it doesn't mean anything to you, don't keep it just because you were there.  Better yet, don't even bring it home.  But if you like the concert tee, or playbills, or the sash with your girl scout badges on it, with out a doubt, keep them, just refer to the section above - Love It, Honor It, Treat It With Respect. 


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Your pet's happiness is based on three things: Food, Playtime & Attention.

They have no desire to visit the past!


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