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Memory Loss Reversed for First Time in Alzheimer's Care Study

In what could be a watershed moment for Alzheimer's care, researchers out of California report that they've reversed Alzheimer's-related memory loss in ten American seniors by using a novel new treatment called MEND. The researchers have released two papers supporting their findings and are now calling for more research into this method. If their findings are accurate, this would be the first time that Alzheimer's-related memory loss has been reversed in human beings.

Findings Now Supported by MRI & Neuropsychological Testing

The MEND study was performed jointly between Alzheimer's care scientists at UCLA and the Brock Institute for Research on Aging. In the study, ten Americans suffering from Alzheimer's were treated with a "comprehensive" Alzheimer's care program that included lifestyle changes, medication treatment, and brain stimulation. Treatment lasted from 5 to 22 months, with the program adapted to each patient's needs.
The program appears to have led to significant results. In 2014, the researchers reported that nine of ten patients had reported long-term memory improvement in a... Click to read the rest of this article!  
Senior Care on the Road: Travel Tips for the Elderly

I t's summer, and that means it is vacation season. Unfortunately, the business, stress, and activity that comes with travel can put a strain on elderly vacationers. Of course, that doesn't mean that the elderly can't enjoy traveling! On the contrary, with the right senior care travel plan, a vacation can be a healthy, beneficial experience for elderly individuals - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

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