The Latest Canadian Consumer Trends in 3-Minutes or Less

3-seconds to the latest consumer trends
The Latest Canadian Consumer Trends in 3-Minutes or Less
Look Who's Buying Groceries Now
For years, the primary grocery shopper has usually been the female head of the household.  Today, according to a recent Mintel study, in approximately 40% of households, the men have primary responsibility for grocery shopping.  Add to that shared responsibility then we are well over 60% of households in Canada where men have either primary or shared responsibility for grocery shopping in the household.  
Dad's shoppings habits by the numbers
Who is more concerned about price - mom or dad?  The latters buying habits and preferences (and hoe some compare with mom's) are revealed  in a new Y&R study. ( Read More )
How Men Buy Groceries
Men and women are different, certainly when it comes to why they put in their grocery shopping carts.  While women's carts tend to be packed with produce, snacks and sweets, men's baskets..
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Did you know?
A 2014 Nielsen article showed cooking moved to seventh from 12th on a list of men's top interests... That puts cooking ahead of politics and reading and right below cars 
Success Stories
The successful marketing campaign is not just about great creative its about having a clearly stated marketing strategy and sticking to it.  What is the key point of difference? 
 ( Read More)
Maximizing your Research ROI
Research dollars are precious and need to be used as wisely as possible.  Learn about the six steps to ensuring the return on your investment in research is quick and fruitful.
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