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 Mary Lee Gannon, CAE
Your Life/Career/Business Reinvention Strategist
Mary Lee Gannon is president of
 - a coaching and consulting firm that helps people and organizations reinvent to enjoy the freedom that comes from success. With more than 18 years of experience as a CEO of organizations with up to $26 million in assets, Mary Lee helps leaders develop business strategy and fulfilled employees who know how to make work fun and productive. 
She is an International Coach Federation Certified Coach, a graduate of Duquesne University's Professional Coaching Program, an alumnus of the Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital Coaching in Medicine & Leadership Conference and a Certified Association Executive. 
Mary Lee's personal turnaround came as a stay-at-home mother with four children under seven-years-old who endured a divorce that took she and the children from the country club life to public assistance from where she earned success to support her family.   
Are you:
* A CEO looking to refine skills
* In need of Leadership Training at your company
* Seeking Conflict Resolution Training
* In need of a keynote speaker on negotiating, mindful management, leadership, etc.
* Idle in your career
Void of life purpose
* Disconnecting in relationships
* In need of executive presence
* Have employees who are unable to "just move on."

Clients, across the US, are working hard but not smart because there is a lack of clarity, vision, goals, optimized work environment, accountability or good work/life balance in place to produce exceptional results. So fear, bureaucracy, personal agendas and cynicism have grabbed hold when what they want is rekindled passion to create the best product or service in their industry, be the provider of choice and be fulfilled by a lifestyle friendly business.
Services: Reinvention Coaching for Life-Career-Business / Strategic Planning / Board Development / Healthcare / Management Consulting / Public Relations / Meeting Facilitation / Leadership / Productivity  
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Mary Lee Ganon is Recognized 

Michelle Wright of WTAE-TV, Mary Lee Gannon and Beth Caldwell of PPW - Women of Integrity Award 

Mary Lee Gannon is awarded the 2012
"Woman of Integrity" award by Pittsburgh
Professional Women on December 1st at Le Mont.  Awardees are women of distinction who have balanced career and civic responsibility, who share their success by mentoring others and
supporting their communities.  Pictured
here with Michelle Wright of WTAE-TV
and Beth Caldwell of PPW.

The Book

"Starting Over" 

Mary Lee's first book illustrates her personal turnaround as a stay-at-home mother, with four children under seven-years-old, who endured a divorce that took she and the children from the country club life to public assistance. From there, within a short time, she worked to the level of CEO, directing three hospital foundations over the last 16 years each with assets of up to $26 million.  

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Corporations are spending time and dollars to understand the difference between how men and women work. They now see the value of retaining and promoting women and how diversity and inclusion are essential for strong performing teams. Researcher John Zenger and Joseph Folkman have identified 16 traits required for success. These include integrity, initiative, self-development, problem solving and a drive for results. They found that women outscore men in leadership effectiveness.


Dr. Zenger argues that moving from a command-and-control style of leadership to a more collaborative model plays to women's strengths. Women are better listeners, better at building relationships and more collaborative he argues.


So why do thirty six percent of men say they want to be CEO, where only 18 percent of women say they do?


Women traditionally value their work but take on a second shift at home - often more so than men. Boards have not seen a lot of women in the CEO role and often feel it is "safer" to hire what they know - male leaders. As decision makers become more aware of the merits of female leadership, more women will enter the C-Suite. That does not discount the value of male leadership. As a leader you must understand the need at hand and how to build the team to accomplish it. Gender work styles play a key role.


Zenger and Folkman found that in high performing companies women outranked men in all the areas below. The exceptions were Customer Service, Facilities Management, and Administrative/Clerical.


Where Women Outranked Men in High Performing Companies




Human Resources

General Management


Product Development




Research and Development

Quality Management


In Barbara Anniston and Keith Merron's book Gender Intelligence they illustrate the difference in how men and women work differently. Here are some tips you can apply today when you delegate, build consensus and interpret results. These also bring value to your interpersonal relationships.



Men - deal with ideas and issues sequentially.

Women - juggle many ideas and issues at once.


Solve Problems:

Men - converge on an issue to zero in on a solution.

Women - diverge from the issue to explore many solutions.


Make Decisions:

Men - isolate issues for quick decisions.

Women - visit the entire context of an issue first.


Work on Teams:

Men - value, focus on and work for results.

Women - value and work for the journey as well as the results.


Lead Others:

Men - are transactional hierarchical, competitive, convergent.

Women - are interactive, participative, collaborative, divergent.


Conflict Resolution

Men - assign blame, think it through alone, seek solutions.

Women - take it personally, talk it through together, seek understanding.


Problem Solving

Men - isolate the issue, pare down the number of causes, narrow the field of options to a fast solution.

Women - expand the context and are expansive in the number of causes, explore multiple causes for more enduring solutions.


Understand the individual differences of your team members and you will best position their results for high performance.


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Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an award winning speaker, coach, author, and president of, a consulting and leadership training firm that helps you position your unique leadership impact to create a movement.

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Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an award winning coach, speaker and author who helps you position your Executive Leadership Signature to enthuse transformational change - the same change that took her from welfare to CEO of $26 million organizations. She is an International Coach Federation Certified Coach, graduate of Duquesne University's Professional Coaching Program, a Certified Association Executive, an alumnus of the Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital Coaching in Medicine & Leadership Conference, and author or two books: Reinvent You - From Welfare to CEO and Starting Over. Her personal turnaround came as a stay-at-home mother with four children under seven-years-old who endured a divorce that took her and her children from the country club life to public assistance from where she reinvented her life to support her family. She is the recipient of the Woman of Integrity Award by Pittsburgh Professional Women, the Joe Gilbert Life Time Achievement Award and the Member of the Year from Pittsburgh Society of Association Executives, and the Leading Lady distinction by Oakland Catholic. She's been featured in Money Magazine, NPR,, U.S. News and World Report,,, Read testimonials from her clients. Both of her books: Reinvent you - From Welfare to CEO and Starting Over are available in bookstores, from online booksellers or on her web site at  


Mary Lee is a featured executive coach in MONEY MAGAZINE. 
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