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Dear LCM Family,

In this unprecedented time, uncertainty can feel overwhelming. We are still adjusting to this new normal that comes with new rules, a fuzzy timeline, and high stress levels.

A central part of our mission speaks to supporting families, which is why we've chosen to focus on Mental Health right now. You been participating in and watching our video chat series, In Dialogue , that addresses mental health issues for caregivers and their children. Now we're partnering with Tulane Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health again, this time with a new initiative: Mental Health Moment . We're offering you real, actionable ways you can practice self-care and tend to the emotional needs of your child. This is another joint effort between Tulane and LCM designed as a new benefit for our members.

Some days it can feel challenging to stay on course with social distancing and flattening the curve, but we are making progress. You are doing the hard work it takes to protect yourself, your family, and the community. That's no small feat! Just remember that we're in this together.

Yours In Health and Wellness,

Julia Bland
CEO, Louisiana Children's Museum
Mental Health Moment

 Mental Health is always important, but in times of crisis it is paramount. As you face the challenges of adjusting to working from home, becoming a teacher to your child, and managing family dynamics, we are here to support you through Mental Health Moment. This living collection of mental health strategies is designed to support you in finding ways to cope, understanding how to practice self-care, and nurturing your connection with your child.

Resilient Rainbows Reign with #lcmrainbows

 At first glance you may wonder what children and rainbows have in common. Think about it - they both shine with brilliance, and they're both a little bit miraculous. But more than anything, they are both living examples of resilience. Maybe this commonality is why children tend to create rainbows as a symbol of happiness and hope.

This line of thinking is what inspired us to launch #lcmrainbows across our social media channels. We even partnered with WWL-TV's Alexandra Cranford to offer a lesson in the science behind rainbows. The response to your Resilient Rainbows has been uplifting to watch, and we want to keep the trend going. Share your rainbow creations with us on Facebook and Instagram with #lcmrainbows. Let's make this living gallery go viral so we can spread hope together.
In Dialogue: Caregivers Need Care, Too

Are you feeling pressure over the competing priorities of work, childcare, home schooling, and healthcare? Each of these important responsibilities can cause stress that can take a toll on our minds and bodies as we navigate life. In order to care for others we need to care for ourselves first. Join us as we discuss the importance of self care for parents and caregivers. Learn tips to lower stress and increase mindfulness in this week's In Dialogue Series.

In Dialogue is a video call series that addresses mental health issues for caregivers and their children, brought to you by Louisiana Children's Museum and Tulane Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health .

You're Invited: We recommend this series for adults only as these topics are meant to support your connection with your child.
  • Join Us:
  • What: In Dialogue video chat series
  • When: Thursday (today) at 1:30 pm
  • Who: Adults who are caregivers of children ages 0-8
  • Topic: Caregivers Need Care, Too, followed by a Q & A session
  • Cost: FREE and open to the public
  • Please Note: These calls are recorded and shared. Videos are available to all, posted on our YouTube channel after the live call.
Week of the Young Child & Connections At Home

Week of the Young Child is a fun-filled week celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers, families, and communities. We we are excited to celebrate this week with the launch of Connections At Home, our new video tutorial series that relies on a child’s natural curiosity as a springboard. We pose open-ended questions and promote creative play in these virtual enrichment lessons. These hands-on activities are geared toward children from birth to age eight and explore topics ranging from starting a nature collection to making your own art supplies to building an instrument and more.

A new episode is released every weekday! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to enjoy Connections At Home .