June 14, 2021

Dear Families, 

We hope you are enjoying these early days of summer as the country and the world opens up again. We miss having our campus full of students, but we are glad families are together. 

The impact of COVID-19 will remain in our minds and in our very bones for a long time to come. As you think about your summer and your child's plans for the summer (and even the start of school in August), Chatham Hall is taking the liberty of sharing with you two recent pieces by experts we admire. Both of these women and their work - Phyllis Fagell and Lisa D'Amour - influence what we endeavor to do at Chatham Hall every day. As these articles made the rounds with a few of us we realized we should be sure our parents saw them too. 

You will hear more from us in the weeks to come as we prepare for the start of school but for now, enjoy your summer and thank you for sharing your daughter with us. 

Esto Perpetua,