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May 2021 Edition

From The Psychology Foundation of Canada
Building resilience in our kids today will make a difference in building a healthier tomorrow
 Wise words from our Founding Chair: Dr. Eric Jackman

Dr. Eric Jackman, Founding Chair, took the time to tell us "how proud [he is] of the work that our Psychologists and partners are doing in building the mental and emotional well-being in Canada's children." Please take the time to view Dr. Jackman's video.
Thriving Is Our Birthright: Using Resilience Beyond Survival

Please join us November 30th for our virtual Breakfast for Champions

Resilience is ordinary, not extraordinary and can be learned and developed in any child and in anyone. Be inspired by and learn how to support our children and ourselves in becoming courageous, and cultivating our ability to thrive with Dr. Natasha Williams. Dr. Williams is a Clinical Psychologist, best-selling author and international speaker. Please consider sponsoring or buying tickets.
BID NOW: Funding Resilience In Kids
In support of Mental Health Week, we are offering an online auction where all proceeds will be directed to delivering our critical attachment and stress management programs to parents and children, giving them a strong foundation of mental health before problems or issues may begin. The auction is live now and closes on May 7th, Child and Youth Mental Health Day.
Learn from leading Psychologists
Dr. Kofi-Len Belfon: "Do Something"
Tips For Your Teens
Dr. Kofi-Len Belfon, clinical Psychologist, offers one simple but powerful tip for our youth: do something. Have your teen view this video where Dr. Belfon provides youth with four categories to consider and act upon in support of their mental health.
Dr. Michelle Aihina Inkinsh Holhpokunna Johnson-Jennings:
Mental Health Is Just One Pillar Needed To Be A Healthy Individual
"Through an Indigenous lens, mental health is just one pillar needed to be a healthy individual. Mental, physical, spiritual, and socio-emotional health all influence one another. When one pillar is out of balance, the others suffer. Our bodies operate as one unit and we know that our mental health influences our body, even in such areas as our immunity, how we feel pain, and influences how our body functions overall. Hence, we need all to be well and in balance to function", Dr. Michelle Aihina Inkinsh Holhpokunna Johnson-Jennings.
We are thrilled that Dr. Michelle Aihina Inkinsh Holhpokunna Johnson-Jennings recently joined us as a Trustee of our Board. She is a licensed eligible clinical health psychologist and serves as the Canadian Research Chair (CRC) in Indigenous Community Engaged Research, associate professor in Indigenous Studies, and Associate in Community Health and Epidemiology in Medicine. Click here to read our full interview with Michelle.
Dr. Brent Macdonald: A Relaxed Brain Is The Most Comfortable Pillow:
The Value Of Sleep For Children And Adolescents
Sleep is one of the “Big Three” of good health, along with nutrition and exercise. We all know what we are like when we don’t get enough – we essentially become adult-sized toddlers! Children and adolescents are really no different. A lack of quality sleep leads to irritability, poor concentration, difficulties with organization, confusion, and – over time – possible intellectual challenges. In this webinar, Dr. Macdonald talks about the value of restful sleep and discusses specific strategies about how to get a solid night’s rest.
Here's how we are nurturing resilience in children
Ontario Elementary School Students To Benefit From
Stress Management Resource
Thanks To Partnership With School Mental Health Ontario
We are proud to report on an incredible partnership we have forged with School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO). In March we began development of a co-designed, co-facilitated, customized training program entitled Stress and Coping: Knowledge to Action and over 7 days of training offered this program to all 1,400 student support staff in schools across Ontario.
It was a pleasure to work with Strong Minds Strong Kids, to roll out training for approximately 400 Student Support Staff across various school boards in Ontario.  Aligning the School Mental Health Ontario resources with the Kids Have Stress Too! Lessons to support students in learning strategies related to stress and coping, supports our vision that social emotional skills are essential for wellness promotion.  During this time of change and transition, the skills and resources are timely and will be well received by staff and students alike” -Theresa Wilson | Implementation Coach School Mental Health Ontario | Santé mentale en milieu scolaire Ontario
Resiliency Quiz For Youth Thanks To Our Collaboration With RBC
In recognition of Mental Health Week, we partnered with RBC to develop an interactive quiz on resilience for youth. Click here for the English version and here for the French version. Have your youth take the quiz where they will learn more about resilience and concrete strategies to help them to develop crucial coping skills to last a lifetime. We are grateful to Dr. Diana Brecher, Board Trustee, for her contributions to this quiz.
First-Ever Direct-To-Classroom Delivery
Of Our Stress Lessons To Winnipeg Students
Students of Grant Park and Elmwood high schools participated in our first ever direct-to-student Stress Lessons program. Thanks to the generous funding of RBC Future Launch and the wonders of technology, our Stress Expert Anne Murray was able to teach our Stress Lessons program from her home in Toronto to three junior high school classes in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“Learning how to deal with the things that stressed me out felt really good because now I can use those lessons in the future.” Grade 7 student
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When you invest in Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada you invest in a brighter future for our children and youth ensuring they have every opportunity to thrive.
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