What Your Asian Employees Need Right Now
In the wake of the Atlanta shootings and with acts of anti-Asian racism on the rise in the U.S., the author spoke to a number of employees about how their companies have reacted so far. They offered a diverse set of responses, although the majority said they wanted their employers to do more.
3 Ways Employers Can Help Asian Workers As Attacks Surge

Law360 spoke to legal experts who shared three tips on how employers can help their Asian American employees feel safe and protected at work during the ongoing wave of racism and violence.
3 Ways To Champion Mental Health At Work As Uncertainty Continues

The ongoing turmoil of 2020 has made workplaces realize how much mental health matters and incited leadership at all levels to help drive this change with an eye toward diversity, equity and inclusion. Here are three ways to champion workplace mental health.
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Guide To Confronting Police Brutality In Your Community
Confronting racial injustice requires our continued focus, effort and action. OBERLAND has created this guide with simple steps you can take in your own, city, town or neighborhood to stop racially motivated violence.
Toolkit from the Center for Workplace Mental Health
This toolkit offers tips and resources for supporting mental health and well-being at work for the month of May and beyond. Topics include, resiliency, self-care, isolation and loneliness, concrete strategies to show your support, and more. 
Virtual, interactive workshop "Key Skills For Workplace Mental Health"

This virtual workshop from Mind Share Partners on May 26th will help you understand how mental health shows up at work and tangible tools every employee can use to support yourself and your colleagues. This is a live, virtual, and interactive 90-minute session for all audiences.
Seven Ways Businesses Can Align w/ Public Health

The U.S. is in the midst of several overlapping crises – health, economic, social, and political.

This report presents seven practical steps that businesses can take to strengthen partnerships and improve the health of their employees, communities, and the nation.
A podcast that aims to challenge assumptions about Asian Americans

PBS' five-part documentary series on the history of Asians in America.

A YouTube documentary series exploring Asian Americans’ experiences and challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Children's Mental Health and COVID-19 - Video and Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in anxiety, depression and adjustment disorders for many children and teens. Fear, isolation and upsets to daily routines have taken a big toll – now accompanied, for some, by back-to-school anxiety

Click here to watch NEBGH’s webinar on the topic

Click here to download pediatric mental health resources