At the Natural Capital Symposium 2017, leading researchers will share about the ways we depend on nature for happiness, and why we're more prone to depression and anxiety without it. Photo credit: Chirobocea Nicu / Unsplash
Mental Health And Nature Featured Strongly in 2017 Symposium Line-Up
It's no coincidence that people who live in cities, and away from nature, suffer higher rates of depression and anxiety. Exposure to green space has measurable positive effects on our moods, though scientists are just beginning to figure out how to measure it. Doctors, public health experts, and urban planners are also grappling with how to use the information.

Some of the leading minds in these emerging fields will convene at the  2017 Natural Capital Symposium, March 20-23rd, at Stanford University to expand upon discussions introduced at last year's event...

Learning From The Crowd
It's not just millennials who turn to social media as a major source of information. Scientists are using it too.

But scientists are doing a lot more than just browsing social media for news. Increasingly, researchers are finding creative ways to harness a mostly untapped treasure trove of data...

Photo credit: Juan Arreguin / Unsplash

Nature Is Priceless -- So Let's Value It

The natural capital concept is not a sell-out. It's a way to shine light on, and cultivate appreciation for, the invisible benefits of nature...

Illustration credit: Rachael Balsaitis / Ensia

InVEST is o ur flagship tool with 18 different models for mapping and valuing ecosystem services. Check out all our software at
2017 Symposium Abstract Deadline 
Extended to Nov 14

The abstract submission deadline for the 2017 Natural Capital Symposium has been extended until  November 14th We are accepting submissions of abstracts for a limited number of speaking spots for panel sessions, learning exchanges, and lightning talks. Key topics of this year's Symposium include: sustainable development planning, securing freshwater, fostering resilient coastal communities, creating standards for the private sector, and other pathways to impact for natural capital science and tools. Please submit your abstract by November 14th via this online form.
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