E-Newsletter : April, 2018
Mental Health:
You're Not Something To Overcome
The lifeblood of American culture is none other than victory. The idea that we must win at everything we do, whether that's having the best partner, the smartest kid, or being the best neighbor permeates our social structure to its core. It isn't that this way of thinking is necessarily good or bad, rather it just is. It's something that we're born into, learn, and has become part of us.

The pressure we feel from this way of thinking can, however, affect how we perceive our environment. It turns our communities into spaces of hyper-competition, with no room for error.

Even though this value system has propelled our economy to the forefront of the world's stage, it creates winners and losers. In other words it places a divide between us, greatly impacting our ability to forgive and accept what is.

Luckily, it's entirely our choice to participate in the game or not.

When talking about depression, anxiety, or anger management; it gets a little sticky. Is it possible to 'win' away any of these conditions? Is it something you have to fight? Are you choosing to improve out of self hate, or self love?

I don't know for certain, but I do know that perpetuating the idea of weakness when we ask for help only aggravates emotional disorders. By telling ourselves mental illness is something to overcome, we turn it into an enemy. In actuality what we're experiencing may just provide us an opportunity to evolve our thinking. That is of course if we can get out of our own way.

Qualifying how we feel in terms of winning and losing will only create barriers between you and the available resources. In other words you're not weak if you're experiencing emotional hurdles, you're just human.

If you, or someone you love, are experiencing the symptoms of toxic thought patterns, just remember there are no winners or losers. There is no right and wrong way of handling it.

All you can do is encourage and remind those you love that asking for help doesn't make you weak.
YouthZone Counseling Services
We offer family focused counseling services that help to address the underlying causes of youth delinquency. By giving clients a safe space to speak, it's much easier to mend the emotional pain that may be causing unhealthy behavior.

Substance Use Prevention Group
At YouthZone, we believe that maintaining sobriety while experiencing emotional stress can support healing. Our Substance Use Prevention Specialist runs weekly groups for teens struggling with issues related to substance use.
YouthZone Parenting Support
In addition to our Youth counseling, we do offer Parenting Programs designed to help support parents through family stress. Sometimes learning a new emotional skill can help you become a more effective parent.

YouthZone's April Update
The YouthZone family would like to take a moment to thank everyone that came out to the 'Appreciation Celebration'. Without the continued support from community members like yourself none of the work we do would be possible, so again we give our deepest gratitude.
Pictured Above From Left To Right:
Brinda Johnson, Bradi Bland, Lisa Sobke and Misty
Pictured Above From Left To Right:
John Martin, Tom Jankovsky, Lori Mueller and Mike Samson
Our Awardees Above:
From top left to right: Ted Edmonds, Pam Pine, Paula Busk, Rick Abernethy, Elise Meyer, Crystal Mariscal and daughter, Tom Jankovsky,Rob Stein and Shannon Pelland. Bottom left to right: Zabdi Fuentes, Samantha Vazquez,Lisa Detweiler, Nanci Brown, and Mike Zimmerman. Other awardees not pictured: Steve Zeder, Mike West and Samuel Bernal and Lisa Sobke.

Also this month, Rob Cairncross , President of The Snowmass Village Rotary Club, presented YouthZone's Restorative Justice Program with a check for $2,500. Thank you for supporting our communities’ youth.
Pictured Above From Left To Right:
Rob Cairncross and Robin Tolan
YouthZone's April Calendar
YouthZone's Appreciation Celebration -
April 5th, 2018
6:00 to 8:00 PM
RSVP: 970 - 625 - 3141

Substance Use Prevention Class -
April 20th 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Rifle Office - 136 E 12th St, Rifle, CO 81650

(970) 945.9300| YouthZone |803 School Street