Every year, the first week of October is recognized throughout the United States as Mental Illness Awareness Week. This is the perfect time to share with you the expansion of CrossOver's Behavioral Health Program.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) , “fewer than one-third of adults and half of children with a diagnosable mental disorder receive any level of treatment in any one year”.  

At CrossOver, we believe that mental health is just as important as a person’s physical health. This is why our Behavioral Health Program uses a comprehensive, team- based approach that integrates fully with a patient's primary care team.

Our Behavioral Health Program offers counseling and psychiatry services. Services are provided by both staff and volunteer providers, including behavioral health residents affiliated with the VCU School of Psychology. CrossOver’s Licensed Professional Counselor on staff is bilingual in Spanish and coordinates the program. This year, thanks to funding from the Virginia Health Care Foundation (VHCF), we have added a Resident In Counseling and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to our staff.

We're fortunate that our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Goldstein, has the qualifications and experience to begin working with our pediatric patients. According to NAMI, there is an average of 10 years between the onset of symptoms in children and recognition and treatment of the underlying illness. Having Dr. Goldstein on staff will allow us to shrink that time lapse, which improves the chances of successful treatment and recovery.