Mental Wellness
for the New Year

New Year’s resolutions often focus on losing weight, saving money or being more organized. It is also a perfect time to focus on your mental health and educate yourself about mental illness.  

One resolution is to take our  Pledge to End Stigma . Separating the truth from the stigma can help increase awareness, understanding and acceptance for those living with mental health challenges.

Mental Health Through the Holidays
We recently spoke with Michele Brooks, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Buffalo & Erie County.

Q: As a new year begins, why is it important to focus on our mental health?

The holidays can be a stressful time of the year; you may eat or drink more than usual, not exercise and have little time to relax. While we may have an ideal notion of what the holiday season should be, it can be a lonely time for many, or further strain already difficult family relations.

Become a member of the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition
Does your organization, church, temple, or community group want to combine forces with our organization? Do you individually want to engage with us to stop the stigma of mental illness? Please consider becoming a member of our Coalition by completing our membership form

It is going to take a massive community effort to move the needle on stigma, please become a part of the solution. Questions? Please contact Max Donatelli, Chairperson, at