March 2021
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I can’t believe it’s already March, Spring is coming and so are more and more vaccines! I think everyone can start to see a light at the end of the tunnel now (and it’s not a train 😊).  
I have been keeping a bucket list of things I can’t wait to do like hugging grandkids, going to a movie, taking a trip! 
These things seem trivial compared to what front line workers and so many Americans who have lost loved ones have sacrificed during the Pandemic. 
But I think we all need things to look forward to, don’t you? What’s on your list of things to do “first”?
Hang in there a little bit longer, continue to stay safe and soon we will get back to our new normal. 
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Mentoring: An Important Strategy For Employee Retention
Today’s employers are looking for innovative and creative ways to attract and keep talented employees. Traditional recruitment and retention approaches focus on offering attractive pay and benefits packages. Yet, those well-intentioned efforts are falling short. In their groundbreaking work, “First, Break All the Rules,” Buckingham and Coffman have found that once an employee’s basic financial needs are met, talented employees want more. They want to know how their job impacts the overall good of the organization. They want to feel a part of the organization and they want opportunities to grow & develop their skills.

A successful mentoring relationship will help employees meet these vital developmental needs. Employed properly, mentors create a safe environment for employees to discover (or rediscover) why their work matters as well as providing them a sense of belonging.

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