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July 2021 | Issue No. 16
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August Advocacy is MENTOR's monthly campaign. Contact us now If you want MENTOR to coordinate virtual meetings between a mentoring program staff member and congressional offices. Oklahoma's delegation last year enjoyed its remote Congressional meetings. Learn what we can do for August Advocacy.

Previously, we mentioned the Community Health Worker Certification of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Below are some resources from the Therapeutic Mentoring training. Resources produce results remotely and in-person.

We recommend the Disability Mentoring Certification Program as a choice for Oklahoma professional development or CEUs for educators, businesses, nonprofits, and community leaders. National Disability Mentoring Coalition and Partners for Youth with Disabilities.
Mentoring Program Videos
Michael Secora, Executive Director
Lowe Family Young Scholars
Bianca Gordon, Associate Director
Bridges of Norman
(including The Spot)
Tools from Therapeutic Mentoring
A team of professionals prescribe mentoring goals, e.g., conflict management, anger issues, ADHD, social skills, coping, and more. Almost everything is measurable, e.g., Morell-Colon's using the same measurement sheet at different intervals. Responses are scanned and saved to review for progress. Staff tries to create a peaceful spot for the child in remote mentoring and provides headphones if needed. All young mentees receive worksheets with extras, such as crayons and fun activities.

California Telehealth Resource Center Webinar This information may hone your skills.

José Morell-Colon, a three-year Therapeutic Mentor, works with mentees ages 6-12. He shares tools for a middle school male mentee with ADHD. Subject: Anger. Morell-Colon puts the worksheets into Paint 3-D so that either the mentee or Morell-Colon can type in the responses. José Morell-Colon's Innovative Resources PDF

Simone Longoria, a Therapeutic Mentor, works with transitional females ages 12-20. She uses cinematography, e.g., movies, video clips, TED Talks, and spoken word poetry on YouTube, to find topics relevant for her teenage girls. She includes Google docs, PAYA life skills modules, and career exploration. Longoria's strategies are adaptable for male mentees. Simone Longoria's Innovative Resources PDF.

MENTOR Hub Explore this new tool.
Future Thinking
Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) Intern Partnership Program.

Companies that apply for this program must have a designated company mentor who spends time with that intern to develop more than technical skills. Some participating companies will have a full suite of experiences set up for their interns. For example, one engineering company is introducing interns to different departments, e.g., sales and human resources, where interns will shadow for a time. Engineering interns, for example, can understand how that company runs and how departments integrate.

OCAST's internship program has a 94% placement rate. Imagine the Oklahoma workforce and quality of life if cities courting and funders financing new businesses required internships, job shadowing, and apprenticeships.

Rural students may not know that a company doing advanced technology development is within thirty miles of their community. Students could think about majoring in engineering, for example, and stay home and still work as an engineer. Rural companies are critical to communities for economic development and impact.

OCAST introduces Oklahoma college undergraduates and graduates to employment opportunities within Oklahoma, a source of increasing innovative technology.

O*NET Online, the consummate career exploration tool for students and adults. for career seekers, businesses, and educators.

Newsletter: College & Career Readiness, Oklahoma State Department of Education.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Internships for college students or career beginners.
Disability Mentoring & Future Prep
Be inclusive to promote quality of life and workforce development.

LeadLearnLive expanding to OSU. Julie Lackey, founder and executive director.

American Disabilities Act (ADA), July 26, 1990. The ADA and America's only Civil Rights Act of 1964 protect almost all Americans. Case law has extended the CRA coverage.
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College Updates

The Tulsa Higher Education Consortium streamlines the process for students to earn their degrees because no one-size-fits-all.

The Mentor Collective online platform utilizes large-scale peer mentorship to improve recruiting, transition, and retention. Oklahoma State University uses Mentor Collective, a for-profit.

Who Mentored You?
Alisa Davis Bell
Alisa Davis Bell, founder and executive director, J.A.M.E.S., Inc., talks about Dottie Anderson Antwine, her first mentor.

Sabu Sandhu
Saba Sandhu, director of peer trainers, JCPenney Leadership Program, honors Dr. Ehrhardt, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma. 
Alicia Keathley
Alicia Keathley, Tulsa program director, Life Launch, pays tribute to her Coworkers at the Church of Battle Creek.   

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