In 2006, Portland Community College published an article on how they did a mentor training project using distance education technology.  
A pilot Mentor Training Project (MTP) was conducted using distance education technology to improve the quality of mentoring provided by professional interpreters to interpreting interns in a college based
interpreter education program. The goals of the project were:
  • to provide mentors with information about mentoring and adult learning, 
  • to introduce students and mentors to each other before the actual
    mentoring experience, 
  • to help mentors understand the way students are taught to discuss
    interpreting, and 
  • to give mentors an idea of where the students are in their development
    as interpreters.  

Mentors in the project were working interpreters with varying years of experience in interpreting and mentoring. The MTP included exploration and discussion of adult learning theories, general mentoring, and information specific to signed language interpreting. Using a WebCT online instructional format, mentors also had the opportunity to observe and interact with current second-year interpreting students and to practice giving them feedback on their work. 


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Anna Davis
Regional Interpreter Education Center at Northeastern University