Last week's Student & Novice Interpreter Network Conference in Boston included a presentation by Matt Etemad-Gilbertson about the business side of interpreting. Stepping into the professional realm as a freelance sign language interpreter includes many considerations, such as payment of taxes, timely billing, mentorship in the business aspects of our work, consideration of the types and amount of work, relationship with an accountant, and more.
We recommend the LinkedIn Group Sign Language Interpreting Mentors as a resource for novices to seek mentors not only for discussions about ethics and skill development, but also for discussions about the business aspect of the work.  

We hope all participants, mentors and mentees alike, can benefit from this network and share invoice templates, tips, and other useful information.

Join the LinkedIn Group Sign Language Interpreting Mentors.  There, you can connect with other professionals, mentors and mentees and discuss this and other topics in mentoring.
Anna Davis
Regional Interpreter Education Center at Northeastern University