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There is no limit to what people can learn, especially when you get them together around a common interest, passion, or mission. Among us are excellent ASL and Deaf interpreters, and by taking advantage of an online forum for discussion and the sharing of ideas, we hope that physical distance will not be a barrier to the collaboration opportunities and knowledge we can gain from one another.

We are seeking enthusiastic and passionate practitioners who would like to facilitate the LinkedIn Group
Sign Language Interpreting Mentors. Your role will be fluid and we hope that it will be shared among many within the group. Currently, there are about 400 members. There is no formal contract. This is simply an invitation to anyone who is interested in sharing a leadership role with us with the ultimate goal of this Community to serve you better.


Facilitator responsibilities include: monitor posts, delete advertisements that are unrelated to mentorship, respond to questions and posts if you have the answer, and refer to others who may be well suited to respond to posts. Connect people with one another and encourage others to take a leadership role and share the facilitation with you. The more we share the load, the better the process and the outcomes.  


Please email me if you have any questions or jump right in to the LinkedIn Group and start connecting with people.


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Anna Davis 

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