November 10, 2020
Kitty Kaboodles
Back by Popular Demand

We have extended our "Kitty Kaboodles" promotion until December 20 due to high demand. The three different bags have been changed slightly to incorporate CCS masks. Please see below some of the items in each bag, and click on the images to view them in our online Meow Mart.
Kaboodle Bag 1
Kaboodle Bag 2
Comes in a white tote
Kaboodle Bag 3
Comes in a blue tote
CCS Christmas Ornaments

Our annual CCS Christmas Ornament Drive will begin around Thanksgiving. Each of our shelter cats will have a handmade ornament made by our dedicated volunteers. We hope that each cat will have a sponsor for their ornament. The ornaments will be $10 each, will then belong to the purchaser, and will be available through the Meow Mart online store. Watch for updates to come soon on the drive.
Our FeLV Cats

Feline leukemia is one of the most common infectious diseases in cats. It affects between 2 & 3% of all cats. Many cats can come in contact with the virus and either acquire it and shed it, or don't catch the virus at all. There is no certain type of cat that it infects more than others. The virus is shed through saliva, nasal secretions, urine, feces and milk of infected queens.

Our FeLV cats-Kenny, Eric, Vanessa, Victoria, and Vinny

Cat to cat transfer occurs from a bite wound, mutual grooming and sometimes (though rarely) through shared litter boxes. The virus only lives less than 2 hours outside a cat's body.

The lifetime of a cat with FeLV is diminished; normally kittens with FeLV only live to be a year old. However, here at CCS we have seen kittens that are kept indoors and healthy live past the year, and currently we have a group of 4 that are 1.5 years old and still going strong. One kitten out of this group has actually gone into remission and now tests negative for the virus. Adult cats diagnosed with FeLV can usually live normal, fairly long lives. Due to a compromised immune system, they are more susceptible to catching other illnesses like URI.

FeLV cats and kittens are just as loving and entertaining as any cat, and each can make a wonderful furry family member in your home. Due to the contagion of FeLV, it is recommended you only have FeLV cats, or have your cats vaccinated yearly to prevent them from acquiring it from an infected cat.
Santa Paws Festival 2020
Our extended Santa Paws Festival 2020 will begin November 27 and run through December 20. We will be open for shopping every Friday through Sunday from 1PM to 4PM. On December 11, we will extend the closing time to 7PM. This year, due to the pandemic and out of safety concerns, people will need to buy tickets for admission to the festival. You can register to attend through this link: Santa Paws Shopping Spree.

Our holiday market will offer handcrafted items, both cat and holiday themed, and we will have a jewelry boutique as well. Be sure to buy raffle tickets--we will hold a cat item raffle, a cat and dog raffle, and a home made quilt raffle. We will not hold our bake sale this year, again due to Covid-19.

We are still accepting donations of handcrafted items for our holiday market. Please get them to Amy Martin by November 16th. Email her with questions.

We also are accepting jewelry donations until November 13. Please contact for information.
I am a sweet and somewhat large girl with a sassy side. I'm picky about my humans, but once I decide to like you I will be your best friend. I like lounging up high where I can oversee everything that's going on around me, and I also enjoy chatting when you come to visit. I came to Cat Care Society in 2016 and was adopted by a very sweet older lady. She sadly passed away very recently, and now I'm back at CCS looking for a new forever home.
I would love a home with a human companion or two who will give me lots of love and let me curl up next to them, as well as let me have my space when I need some quiet time.
Please Mask Up!

Our cats want you to be sure and wear yours masks for safety. We were temporarily closed for a possible COVID exposure, but are in the clear now and open for adoptions by appointment. Apply online here, fill out the "Meet Your Match" questionnaire, and a staff member will contact you to set up an adoption appointment. You can view our available cats on our website.
Some good reading
while you quarantine!
This is a true and heartwarming story about a tough little cat. He was abandoned in a library drop box in the middle of winter, and was rescued by the librarian. Dewey Readmore Books, as he was named, became well-known for his innate ability to bond with and help people in need. They would come from far and wide to meet Dewey, and benefit from the experience.

This book was written by Vicki Myron (with Bret Witter), who was the librarian who cared for Dewey until he passed at 19 years of age.
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