Thank Mercury Retrograde for delaying the start of this Newest Online Class from
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This 3 minute Video Explains The Value of Reclaiming the Knowledge
that was taken from us and briefly
describes what is covered in this online course.
with Live Q &A starts April 10
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The night sky class was life changing for me. It added an additional layer of how I can connect with the natural world in order to feel in the magical flow that feeds my soul. I am thrilled for this reconnection and want more…daily, in my future!
Morgan Marckwald

The Night Sky Cosmology course transformed my entire experience and understanding of the times we live in now and how the ancients knew what time it was by looking at the sky. Thank you for illuminating my understanding and ability to have a personal connection with these magical mysteries. It is a precious gift beyond all measure! CB

I was so deeply affected by the recent Cosmology course. Now, every clear night I wander out, look up and connect with the great cosmos. I actually know what I'm looking at now! Being an astrologer, it is of key importance to connect with the stars physically. As Above, So Below. This online course is going to BE AMAZING!  ~Dana Zia
Special Tuition Rate for the Night Sky Cosmology Course
Good until April 10
Begins April 10
with Daniel Giamario and
Cayelin Castell

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This is for YOU if you are desiring a more intimate connection with the mysteries of Earth and Sky.

We will explore the Turning of the Ages, the Difference between Signs and Constellations and learn about our personal stars and how to find them for others.

This online course includes:
6 LIVE Q & A Sessions or Classes with Daniel and Cayelin.
We now have five power-packed online courses . Or start with the Basics Course

Learn at your own pace and in your own time. 

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The Libra MetaGoddess Descent Journey

Facilitated by
Cayelin K Castell &
Tami Brunk

NEW Mars
In Aquarius
Webinar Series

Facilitated by
Daniel Giamario &
Erik Roth

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook
Covers All the Basics
Origins of the
Shamanic Astrology Paradigm
A Guided Journey through the Twelve Signs or
Tribes Tribes
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