Happy Birthday Pisces!
The Tarot Card that correlates to Pisces is the Moon Card which represents the seen and hidden. The cycle of light-dark-ebb - flow of tides. This is why I choose a water theme for you!
You are deeply attuned to the moon and seasonal cycles and can use them to stimulate your intuitive gifts. The Moon rules emotions, which is a realm that you are comfortable with, especially when you use your compassionate nature to support others. The world needs the softer, receptivity of your nature now more. Don’t hide from the intensity of what is being brought to the light.
Welcome back to my newsletter! Many of you have been with me since the start and have asked for more of my short astro videos each month. Those will be coming soon. In the meantime enjoy the newsletter, visit me on Facebook and look forward to my new website coming soon (hopefully before the Mercury retrograde)!
As the ice melts and days of sunshine become longer we are reminded that spring will arrive. On many levels this winter brought up more issue personally and globally. My hope is that Spring 2018 will allow us to remember that after the darkness, new life always spring forth.
Important Dates -
New Moon is on Saturday March 17 th. This new moon arrives prior to the exact Mercury Retrograde but during the pre-phase. Use this new moon to set intention and trust that the results of these intentions may not take form till well after Mercury goes direct.
Mercury retrograde is from March 22 nd – April 15 th – Mercury retrogrades often force us to re-do and slow down. With Mercury retrograde in Aires we will feel the results of actions that are too hasty. Breathe, count to ten and trust the moment. Future planning during a Mercury retrograde will later force us back to the “drawing board”. Mercury retrograde forces us into the moment and forces us to slow down. I have often encouraged clients to employ the 24-hour rule when they are “on the fence” or feel reactive in a situation. Often if we “sit” with something it transforms and changes. This allows us to see it and react to it from a new, often more powerful, angle. During this Mercury retrograde slow down, double check and allow yourself more time to breath. And let's wait on buying technology items or signing binding contracts.
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