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Wit's End...notes from the principal
Community - a group of people having a particular set of characteristics in common. It's a nice concept and certainly one I hold dear. Community may be a body of people, a circle of friends and acquaintances where there is a feeling of fellowship. This fellowship or sense of togetherness is likely due to some common attitudes, interests, and goals. Community often includes shared values and responsibilities.

Community is also about membership, about joining, and often making a conscious choice that the group is one to which I want to belong. OK, there is another byproduct of community - belonging. That element for me is not only important but also at the top of any list of benefits related to community. And in education, namely in school, community is what it's all about. Let me narrow the focus to Mercy High School.

There is the community of students who currently attend Mercy. The student body in total gets a great deal of needed attention but each girl needs more. She is also a member of her individual graduating class and that group is specific and unique. There is the wider community of Mercy alumnae, graduates of the last 71 years. This year's senior class will soon join that prestigious group. Narrow the conversation a bit and each girl also participates in countless smaller communities such as athletic teams and clubs where individual attention and recognition can be given and received.

The Mercy community also includes all of the staff, past and present, because each person has made indelible marks on the community. The same is true for all the Mercy parents. Your membership in the Mercy community has hopefully been rewarded by many moments of shared joy and pride. Those moments are likely attached to specific life changes you have witnessed in your daughter. She continues to be impacted by all those around her, by what she does for others, by what others do for her and by the collective efforts of many groups. It is that element of interdependence that is so attractive.

That inter-dependent community was on display just over one week ago when Mercy held its annual auction, its 38th. It was the collective work of hundreds of people. Parents, students, staff, friends, neighbors - all who identify as members of the Mercy community, worked for months to execute a tremendous event that was not only an evening of laughter and camaraderie for those able to attend, but also a necessary fundraiser to assist with the educational costs that never go away. For whatever you were able to do, I offer my sincere thanks.

Mercy is just one of the many communities that vie for your attention. May it continue to offer you a shared sense of ownership and may your contributions to its success create some of your most valued memories.


Mrs. Carolyn Witte, Principal
Mothers Club

Roses are red, violets are blue...We had a fun time during our February Valentine's day theme for the Mercy Mom Club! Join us on March 6 for our wellness theme meeting! See you there!
Be sure to check out the Mothers Club home page and calendar for more information about upcoming events and important notes.
Dads Club
Dads Club Meeting

Meet, greet and eat with Mercy Dads at the next Dads Club meeting Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Cafeteria.

Stay in touch with Dads Club happenings at
Join us for Ash Wednesday Mass
All parents are invited to Mercy High School for our Ash Wednesday Mass on March 1 at 10:10am in the Auditorium. Worship with us as we begin this Lenten Season of prayer, almsgiving and fasting.
Parent Teacher Conferences
Conferences are scheduled to take place Thursday, March 2nd from 3:00pm to 6:30pm in the gym and cafeteria. Five minute conferences with teachers will be scheduled using an online registration tool Counselors will schedule 10 minute meetings.

In order to schedule a parent-teacher conference, please visit the following link and follow all registration directions:

An email will be sent with your final appointment times directly from Information will be available on how to change or delete appointment times. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please remember to cancel. Please email Colleen Rozman ( with any questions or issues.

If conference time slots fill up for a particular teacher, and you are unable to see that teacher on March 2nd, please communicate to that teacher via email or phone if you wish to discuss your daughter's progress.
CPK Fundraiser
Pizza with a purpose!

The senior class is holding a FUNdraiser at California Pizza Kitchen the same day as Parent Teacher Conferences Thursday, March 2nd. Simply bring in this flyer, (hard copy or on your phone), present it to your server, and CPK will donate 20% of your check to Mercy High School Class of 2017.

Includes dine in, take out, catering and beverages. Valid at Twelve Oaks Mall, Laurel Park Mall and Farmington Hills Hunters Square.
New Drop-Off Guidelines
The use of the lane in front of the Reception Area Entrance as a Drop Off Zone is creating a back-up of cars for those entering the campus from 11 Mile Road. In addition, it makes it difficult and unsafe for staff and students crossing from the parking lot in that area. In order to improve this process, the following guidelines have been put in place, effective immediately. 

  • The lane in front of the Reception Area Entrance IS NOT a Drop Off Zone for students. Please do not stop prior to the 1st tree.
  • Students must be dropped off either in front of the Flagpole Entrance, marked Student Entrance Only, or in front of the Auditorium/Gym Lobby Entrance.
  • Drivers should pull all the way forward to the 2nd yellow crosswalk sign, past the Student Entrance Only sign, prior to drop off.
  • Students should be ready to immediately exit the car.
  • Drivers may park in any unmarked space to drop off students.
  • Students who drive themselves may use the Reception Area Entrance, but MAY NOT park in the parking area outside of the Reception Area Entrance (area between the first two lamp posts in the first and second rows).
Thank you for your support and understanding.
Course Selection 2017-18
Freshwoman, Sophomore and Junior Parents: The course selection process for the 2017 - 2018 school year is fast approaching. We know that choosing classes for the next school year can be both an exciting and sometimes anxious experience. In an effort to support students and help them make appropriate decisions, we have organized a detailed process for selecting courses. We believe that making wise course selections, in conjunction with teacher, parent and counselor input, is key to a successful high school and post-secondary experience.
Each student in current grades 9-11 attended an all-class presentation that explained the course selection/registration process. In addition to the information presented at the meeting, students were given a registration packet which consists of the following: step-by-step directions that students need to follow in order to complete the registration process correctly; a Course Registration Form that needs to completed by the student and reviewed/signed by a parent/guardian; directions for selecting courses online in Powerschool; important information about Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses; as well as notification of your daughter's individual appointment time with her counselor to discuss her curriculum plan.
Your daughter will be assigned an appointment time to meet with her counselor sometime between March 6th and March 31st. At this meeting, the counselor will discuss the student's initial course selections with her and make adjustments as needed, ensure that alternate course choices were selected where required, and review your daughter's graduation progress. It is expected that your daughter be prepared for this appointment. Prior to her assigned meeting time, your daughter needs to have completed the following: (1) Review course offerings and complete the Course Registration Form, including parent signature. (2) Complete the online course selection process in Powerschool.

As you think about having a conversation with your daughter about her course selections, here are some things to consider to help guide the conversation:    
  • Talk with your daughter about post-high school plans. Most colleges recommend having 4 core academic classes every semester of high school. Many colleges also recommend having 3 years of a World Language.
  • Is your daughter's schedule rigorous enough? Is it too relaxed? The goal is for us to help her find a healthy balance between overwhelmed and under challenged.
  • When considering AP or Honors level courses, talk with your daughter about whether or not she really enjoys and/or excels in that subject matter. A like for the subject matter is important.
  • If you or your daughter have questions about Mercy's graduation requirements or course offerings, remember to view the Course Catalog; or have your daughter ask those questions during her scheduled meeting with her counselor.
We want to highlight the importance of choosing the right courses. We understand that students are making decisions now for a curriculum that they will follow next school year. It is important for students to thoughtfully consider their options and make decisions wisely. The master schedule is built from student requests. We determine staffing and the number of sections offered for a course based upon these student selections. Therefore, requests to change a course will not be allowed after Friday, May 12, 2017. After this date, the number of sections needed to accommodate student requests are determined and the scheduling process will begin. Please be advised that there will not be schedule adjustments to accommodate teacher preferences, class preferences, or after-school commitments. Schedule adjustments after May 12th will only be made for the following reasons:
  1. Failure from the previous semester in a prerequisite course
  2. A Powerschool scheduling error
  3. Adding a class only (**Student chose to be scheduled for 6 classes, but desires 7. A course will only be added to the student's unscheduled period.)
  4. Dropping a class only (**Students are required to be in a minimum of 6 classes per semester.)
Our goal is to provide both parents and students as much information as possible in order for students to make informed choices regarding their curriculum. Please direct any questions you may have about the registration process to your daughter's counselor. We ask you to please keep in mind that counselors will be meeting with students throughout the day during this 3-week registration period and, as a result, to allow for a longer response time to phone calls and emails.
Counseling Corner
College Information Night for 10th & 11th Grade Families

Please join us for an evening of discussion about the college planning and admissions process.  We welcome you and your daughter to attend College Information Night held at Mercy High School on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Mercy Auditorium. This is an annual event. The information presented will help you gain a comprehensive "look" at the college admissions process. Topics include:
  • Best "fit" factors to consider when looking at prospective colleges (location, size, program of study, academic rigor, community, etc.)
  • Preparing for the application process
  • ACT/SAT tests
  • What Michigan's switch to the SAT for their state exam means to students
  • Admission Factors (grades, trend in grades, test scores, extracurricular involvement, etc.)
  • Essay, resume, and letters of recommendation
  • Application timeline
Class of 2017 College Scholarship Opportunities

Senior Parents:Scholarships for college come from a variety of sources. Many scholarships are college-specific awards, meaning they are awarded directly by the institution. However, a significant portion of scholarship offerings come from private organizations, corporations, religious organizations, unions, the military, and your local chamber of commerce. The key questions is: How do students find the 1.5 million scholarship opportunities that are out there?
Any scholarship notification that comes into the Counseling Office is posted in Naviance. On the homepage, click on to the "Colleges" tab. Scroll down to the section titled "Scholarships and Money." All scholarships are posted in the section titled "scholarship list." You can also link to a "national scholarship search" database powered by SallieMae.

We will begin sending a weekly email (typically on Friday) that names the scholarships that have been added to the scholarship list that week. In the event that no new scholarship offerings have been sent to the Counseling Office during the given week, then the scholarship notification email will not be sent that week.
Outside of scholarships posted in Naviance, there are a number of other online scholarship search databases. The  Fastweb scholarship search database is the largest. The student creates a profile in order to personalize the search process. Fastweb then compares the student's background with a database of scholarship opportunities. The scholarships that fit the student's profile are identified as matches. Additional information regarding Financial Aid & Scholarships can be found HERE.
Sophomore Practice ACT

All 10th grade students will be taking the practice ACT (PreACT) test on Tuesday, April 4th during the school day. More information will be shared with students and parents via email as we get closer to the testing day.

THANK YOU from the Auction Office
The 38th Annual Auction at Farmington Hills Manor was a wonderful night for Mercy filled with socializing, fabulous food and drinks, and tremendous generosity. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event as sponsors, donors, volunteers and attendees, with a special note of gratitude to our Auction Committee!

Some highlights from the evening included Witte's Wish for a renovated concession stand brought in $25,000 courtesy of Tom & Rita Lewry. Plus, a call out to help raise money for pool repairs exceeded more than $30,000.

Please take a few short minutes to fill out the survey below so that we can continue to improve this successful event. Survey Link: 
Stay tuned to for more post auction info like amount of money raised and photo gallery. Thank you for your continued support! We are Mercy!
View this Video!
Check out this wonderful "We are Mercy" video by Morgan Ewald '17 which was shown Auction evening.

Stay tuned for more student produced features with the "We are Mercy" theme!
Diversity Workshops at Mercy
All sophomores, juniors, and seniors, with a select group of freshmen, will attend a Diversity Workshop, here at Mercy, in the upcoming weeks. Students will be assigned to one 3-hour session, either 8-11 a.m. or 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. The workshop will focus on topics like diversity, inclusion, stereotypes, unconscious bias, and more (see the workshop outline below).

The first workshop will be held on Tuesday, February 28, the other dates are Friday, March 10; Tuesday, March 21; Monday, March 27; and Friday, March 31. All workshops will be held in the Lobby.

 Workshop Outline
  •  Icebreaker
  • Objectives
  •  Define "diversity" and "inclusion"
  • Exercise
  • Diversity Wheel discussion
  • Exercise
  • Define "stereotypes" and "unconscious bias"
  • Exercise
  • "Melting Pot" metaphor vs "Salad Bowl"
  • Trends
  • Exercise
  • The Pack Exercise

Click here for bios of workshop facilitators. If you are interested, parents are invited to come and check out a workshop. 

"42nd Street"
Mercy High School's Performing Arts Department cordially invites you to the spring musical 42nd Street.

Friday, March 10 - 7:30pm
Saturday, March 11 - 7:30pm
Sunday, March 12 - 2:00pm
42nd Street is the "Cinderella story of Broadway." Set in the 1930s, small-town girl Peggy Sawyer tries to break into a New York show but has trouble getting noticed. Once in the show, she rehearses with the company and becomes noticed by other cast members. Then, on opening night, Peggy accidentally trips the show's diva, Dorothy Brock, causing Dorothy to break her ankle. Peggy steps out of the chorus to save the show and becomes a Broadway star. The show boasts such musical numbers as
We're in the Money, A Quarter to Nine, The Lullaby of Broadway and the show-stopping title number 42nd Street.
The cast of 47 includes young men from Aim High School, Catholic Central High School, Farmington High School, Redford Union High School and St. Mary's Prep. With another 54 students working on stage, sound, light, costume, makeup and usherette crews, there are over 100 students involved in bringing this major production to the Mercy stage.
Tickets: The show is set for Friday and Saturday, March 10 and 11 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, March 12 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $13.00 for students and children. Tickets are on sale now and may be purchased at the Reception Area, or by calling the Drama Office at 248-893-3572, or purchased at the Box Office the evening of the performance. The box office will open 45 minutes before curtain time. We promise you a fun-filled night!
Go Marlins!

Basketball scored big and captured the Catholic League Title, beating Birmingham Marian, 45-36, at Wayne State on Sunday, February 19th. It's their third CHSL title in seven seasons. Check out all the Marlins Basketball headlines here.

Pompon & Dance Team won the Catholic League Championship last month!

Spring Sports Registration ( Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, & *Track & Field)

All students must email during spring sports registration by today, February 27th and have a current MHSAA physical on file as well as submit athletic forms. Click here for MHSAA Physical and  Mercy Athletic FormsClick here for MHSAA's concussion education information. To be valid for the 2016-17 School Year,  MHSAA Physicals must be performed and dated on or after 4/15/2016. Try-out times will be on the  Athletic Calendar and Team Pages as available. Please be prepared to attend ALL try-out sessions.

Cheer on your Marlins!

Check the athletics calendar and even get driving directions. Our athletes are always making headlines. Read some sports features here.
Student Successes...Applause! Applause!
Solo & Ensemble - The Mercyaires and four soloists performed for District Solo & Ensemble Festival last month and everyone advanced to state!

The soloists were Cara Forfinski (11), Nathalie Gijsbers (10), Kylie Kreucher (10), and Alana O'Donnell (11). The Mercyaires and these soloists will go on to compete at State Solo & Ensemble in March.

Special congratulations to Kylie Kreucher '19 who was selected to perform with the 2017 All-State Choir. She will be part of a choir made up of the top 100-120 voices in the state at Michigan Youth Arts Festival in Kalamazoo May 19-21.
DJs in the House - The Radio and Television Broadcasting classes took to the microphone to become school-wide disc jockeys during Catholic Schools Week. The students introduced music which played during the passing time to the themes set of staff, students, vocations, our nation, and our community. This was a great opportunity for our Radio and Television Broadcasting students to reach a larger listening audience.

Scholastic Writing Awards - Mercy students independently submitted writing to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and this month the winners were announced. In the poetry category, Mary Marquette won three honorable mentions, Clarisa Russenberger won one honorable mention, and Anastasia Warner won a silver key and an honorable mention.
Pulsera Project - The Spanish Honor Society participated in the Pulsera Project January 30 through February 3rd.  The project raises money and empowers artisans from Guatemala, Nicaragua, and other Latin American Countries. This year we raised $1,580 for the organization. More information is listed on the
iWizards Wonderful Workshop - The Mercy iWizards spent a busy day at their in-service workshop Friday, February 17th. They created resources for the New Student iPad Orientation in August; spent an hour coding with Mr. Janusch; and conducted five Google Hangouts / Skyps with other student tech teams. See photos here.
Pro-Life Club March for Life
More than 40 students and staff members joined with hundred of thousands of others in Washington, D.C. last month for the 44th Annual March for Life. Marchers walked from the National Mall to the Supreme Court to peacefully protest the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in all 50 states, for any reason. Prior to the March, students attended the Youth Rally and Mass at the Verizon Center and the rally at the National Mall. In addition to the March, students took a tour of the Capitol, visited the Library of Congress, and saw a number of monuments before concluding the trip with Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Joining chaperones Mrs. Lauren Marquard, Mrs. Hallie Smith, Dr. Kristine Daley, Mrs. Cheryl Corte, Mrs. Judi Griggs-Dennis and Mrs. Erin Sommerville were Mary Cascarelli, Sarah Pegler, Zoe Fish, Erin Haapala, Morgan Abb, Alexa Rybicki, Sarah Kullen, Sydne Price, Sarah Clark, Gloria Neumann, Claire Johnston, Ciara Lopus, Allie Lobbia, Rachael Phillips, Juli Stoneback, Coley Brown, Natalie Forster, Stephanie Hosko, Deidre Eusebi, Mallory Evatz, Grace Fadool, Lily Hargrave-Thomas, Gina Hannawa, Angelina Rinaldi, Erica Padula, Jordyn Kreucher, Allie Sanderson, Kennedy Kuffner, Michelle Greenwood Jillian Yassay, Mia Bowen, Hailey Smokovitz, Nadine Foumia, Bridget Eusebi, Jackie Kaminski, Katherine Colleran, Jessica Kayden, Abbey Hembree, Bridget Kenney, Mia Reinkensmeyer, Julie Waineo, Jo Wenson, Carly Evatz, Anna Boesch and Laura Boesch.

Lucky Lunch
The 4th annual Lucky Lunch was a yummy success! As part of Catholic Schools Week, the students purchased $1 tickets to win special lunches raffled off by Mercy staff members. 25 staff members raffled off lunches which were delivered to the students on February 13th. A total of $920 was raised by the students and was donated to the Empowerment Plan in Detroit. The money will be used to make coats which turn into sleeping bags for the homeless. For more information on the Empowerment Plan visit
Passport to France 2017
Mercy High School's French Department, French Honor Society and French Club sponsored the Passport to France program on Saturday, February 11. This program welcomed 28 7th and 8th grade girls who were interested in learning about the French language and culture. This experience provided the participants a very fun and interactive morning of French immersion.

Our visitors were paired up with "une amie française", a current Mercy French student who assumed the role of guide for the day, who escorted our "tourists" on a virtual tour of Paris, a visit to the Musée d'Orsay, a lesson of French conversation, a French music and dance lesson and ending with a demonstration of how to make a French "crêpe".

Mercy upper level French students were the official guides of each of the segments. All students were able to enjoy a sampling of French cuisine throughout the day. Prizes were handed out based on the lessons learned throughout the morning of Immersion during the French luncheon of quiche, salade, pâtisseries, chocolats and crêpes. We thank our team, all student volunteers, French Honor Society officers (Grace Denomme, Jordyn Kreutcher, Karina Lloyd, Allison Lapinski), Faculty (Madame Campbell, Madame Corte, Madame Iacobell), our Maintenance staff (Mr. Bank, Mr. Finney), who participated and helped make the day very engaging and successful. We especially thank the Mercy parent crew who generously donated their time before and after the event: Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Salah, Mrs. Kreutcher, Mr. and Mrs. Vinarcik, Mr. Card, Mrs. Dickow-Surowiec, Mrs. Beasley.

In addition, we are most grateful to the Stus family for donating our new Passport to France banner, designed by Cayla Stus, a French 1 student. This provided a warm welcome to all participants in the program. The day was very successful due to the joint cooperative efforts of all who LOVE all things French! Merci Beaucoup Mille Fois!!!!
Latest & Greatest from the Alumnae Office
Mercy High School 13th Annual

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tea for Tuition - a meaningful tradition!

All Mercy moms are invited to Tea! Please join us for a lovely afternoon with delicious food, enticing hot and cold teas, and Mercy spirit. Of special note will be the Distinguished Alumna Award Presentation to Sheri Johnson Crawley '90.

Over the past 12 years, this event has raised over $190,000 to help more than 100 Mercy girls in need of financial assistance. We will offer silent auction and raffle items, a table decorating contest, and an opportunity to make a gift to Mercy.

Ways to Participate
For more information, visit or contact or 248-476-3270.

Mercy's first Senior Class-Alumnae Luncheon was a success. On February 1, dozens of alumnae welcomed the Class of 2017 into the Alumnae Association and shared tips for life after high school. See photos on the Alumnae Association Facebook page!

2017 - 2018 Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Program
Mercy High School is grateful to the donors who have generously created a legacy that will enable us to continue to offer learning opportunities to students who are in need of financial help through the Circle of Mercy, Named Scholarship and Tuition Assistance programs.

The Financial Aid application period for the 2017-2018 school year is now in progress. For details and forms, please visit The deadline for submitting applications is April 7, 2017. The Archdiocese of Detroit also offers a tuition assistance program. Visit for details.
MNotes...Miscellaneous Info You Need to Know
Mimes at the DIA - The Mercy Mimes will be performing at the Detroit Institute of Arts Friday, March 17 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Mrs. Kathy Sill and Miss Isabelle Moore will accompany them.

Future School Year Dates - Click here for an outline of upcoming school year dates that was sent to all parents via email for your reference. A more detailed calendar for next school year 2017-18 will be available later this semester.
Yearbook: The yearbook staff is putting the finishing touches on the 2017 Lore. If you haven't purchased yours yet, make sure to order it at and select 13826 for Mercy's page. Not sure if you've ordered one? Check this list. New this year -  purchase of a yearbook also includes a digital version of the yearbook you can carry with you anywhere!
Shop for Mercy
Shop. Buy. Do what you always do, but designate Mercy High School to receive a percentage of your purchases. You can contribute to Mercy every time you shop at Amazon, Target and Kroger. Spread the word and pass it along to family and friends.

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases
to Mercy High School whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know.* Organization code 8423
(*click on Community - then Take Charge of Education)
If you have any questions or want to submit information for the Mercy MEMO, please contact . Want even more? Click the school year calendar and the Mercy web site . And don't miss all of the latest Mercy In The News articles . Check out the current announcements and browse the home page links to see what's happening at Mercy.