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Merging Cultures Through Music
by Carmen Liliana Marulanda

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Merging Cultures Through Music
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Spring has finally arrived and rushes quickly into summer. We went from unseasonably cold and rainy to a quick, full on 85 degrees.  So it is true, April showers bring May flowers.

When I think of the arrival of summer I can easily think of our friend Carmen Liliana Marulanda.  Carmen is that very ray of sunshine with her joyful, happy spirit.  Carmen is a marvelous composer and flutist and has written an interesting article for our newsletter.  It is nice to have her perspective of finding value in fusing cultures to teach, learn and grow as musicians.
Have a sunshine-filled Memorial Day weekend!

                   God bless,

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Merging Cultures Through Music
by Carmen Marulanda

From an early age we've familiarized ourselves with foreign music: ethnic, urban, ancient or contemporary music from other cultures, yet our instrumental techniques, our learning methods have remained relatively static, repeating the same exercises and patterns for decades, and even centuries.

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Burke Whistle
This used Burke Whistle #001 is made of brass and was made by the  Michael Burke PennyWhistle Company.

Hamilton Flute
This used Hamilton flute #001  is keyless. The flute is in three joints, the head with tuning slide, the middle, carrying all the finger holes, and the footjoint which carries two un-fingered holes. The head is half lined, the liner tubes are nickel silver, the head cork is cork lapped delrin, and the rings are sterling silver.

Terry McGee Flute
This used Terry McGee flute #429 is a silver 6 key Irish flute. Based in Malua Bay, New South Wales, Australia, Terry has been a flute maker since the mid seventies and exports his instruments to the four corners of the globe.

Windward Flute
This used Windward flute #179 is made of Mopane wood, a dense tropical wood chosen for its tone quality, integrity and beauty in addition to its hypoallergenic attributes. Windward Flutes makes fine celtic flutes in the historic heart of Shelburne on the Southwest shore of Nova Scotia.

We are counting down to NFA!


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