September 26, 2023


It appears we are past the peak of harvest and it is looking more likely that the crop will not reach the 1.5B pounds stated recently by the largest processor. Many growers are foregoing a second shake as they had good removal on 1st shake. With the lower grower base price given this year, a second shake is not economical for some growers due to cost versus lower revenue.  With the much anticipated opening price to be announced next week, most buyers and sellers are taking a pause until next week on additional business.


A slight dip in pricing as processors try and clean up their remaining inventory in advance of the expected harvest of Mexican pecans. This slight dip has pushed buyers to purchase product in anticipation of a price increase later one due to a smaller crop.


Harvest continues to drag on with some shipments being pushed into October forward. There has been plenty of interest from Europe and Asia, but limited sales due to not having enough information about the crop. Prices have slightly firmed and will continue until there are constant offers being made.

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