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Merion Investment Partners III, L.P. is pleased to announce a new investment in Kalisher.  Merion provided subordinated debt to support the company's acquisition of Soho Myriad, Inc. ("Soho").
Kalisher is a North Carolina based creator, curator and manufacturer of art for the commercial hospitality industry.  Soho is an Atlanta based consultant, curator and manufacturer of custom art packages.  The joining of the two companies brings Soho's deep experience of producing art with outside artists into harmony with Kalisher's team of in-house artists and curators. 


Subordinated Debt

to support an
acquisition by


Bill Means
Managing Partner
610 -230-0876

Anthony Caringi, CFA

Gayle Hughes

Sam Brewer

Mike Kelley

Alex Rohr

Mark Rafalovich
Vice President

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Founded in 2003, Merion Investment Partners is investing from its third fund. Currently managing over $450MM of capital, Merion is a licensed SBIC and a leading provider of mezzanine and equity capital to the lower middle market. 

We have found that the value for all parties involved in the deal can be enhanced by utilizing the combined experience, the strategic vision and the deep network of the Merion team. When Merion makes an investment, we are committing not only our capital but also the collective resources of the firm and its partners. Merion has a long history of providing creative structural solutions in private transactions in the lower middle market. Our approach has resulted in a portfolio with average revenue growth of over 115% during Merion's partnership and reflects our commitment to be more than just debt.
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Proven product/recurring revenue/high growth

Stable position in niche market

PE sponsored change of control

Independent Sponsors with attractive purchase opportunities

$4-$15MM investment


Debt/equity co-invest

Redeemable preferred

5 year maturity, non amortizing

Healthcare services/products

Niche manufacturing

Business services/outsourcing

Information technology/Software


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