In partnership with Merit Benefits, Morneau Shepell and Queen’s University we are pleased to offer a unique program. The Queen's University Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certificate Program is the first of its kind in Canada and offered to Merit members at no cost.

In the coming weeks you will receive communication from our colleagues in Merit Benefits with full program details.
Supervisor Training Program (STP)
October 29 - November 24, 2020
(Virtual Classroom via ZOOM)
Member Discount - 35%

Foremen and Supervisors are instrumental to the success of a construction project. While they are provided with the equipment, materials, and personnel they need, they are too often left without the most important tool — the knowledge to manage, motivate and direct their workforce.

The STP provides valuable productivity, communication, and time management skills to help foremen and supervisors coach, connect and create a respectful workplace for their teams.
Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) - Employee Orientation
September 24, 2020
(Virtual Webinar via ZOOM)
Members only - No charge

Presented by Morneau Shepell, EFAP is available to all employees of Merit members as part of their benefit package. Through this webinar, your employees will learn about the numerous supports available to them and their families. EFAP is much more than counselling. To explore the full value of this program, join us September 24.
EFAP - Manager Orientation
September 29, 2020
(Virtual Webinar via ZOOM)
Members only - No charge

Managers and supervisors juggle priorities, deal with deadlines, and make decisions for their teams. In addition to these demands on their time and energy, leaders are responsible for providing a healthy and productive workplace for their employees.

Join us for this two-hour webinar, presented by Morneau Shepell, to learn about the leader-specific supports and resources available through Merit's EFAP.
Employment Standards
September 29, 2020
(Virtual Classroom via ZOOM)
Members - No charge
Human resource legislation can change quickly. In this live-streamed session, Merit’s Employment Standards Advisor will guide participants through a review of Alberta’s legislation regarding workplace health and safety, employment standards, employee rights, recent changes to legislation and employer compliance.
Excel in 30 Minutes - Getting Started

Once you master Excel, you will have at your fingertips one of the most practical and useful skills in managing your business. The Excel in 30 Minutes series will get you started. At the end of the course, you should be able to navigate Excel.
Computer Security

This lesson describes ongoing threats to computer security and emphasizes the importance of protecting an employer's digital property.

By the end of the lesson, you should have a better understanding of:
  • your role in ensuring and maintaining security
  • methods frequently used to protect software and data on corporate devices
  • the need for, and approaches to, ensuring security online
  • procedures and best practices necessary to ensure the physical security of commonly-used devices
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