Effective August 1, 2017, the Merit Benefit Plan enhanced its prior authorization process for specialty drugs.  

If a specialty drug is prescribed, evidence must be submitted that supports the need for the drug. The request is then reviewed by an independent clinical pharmacist. This expert review will allow specialty drugs to be approved where appropriate, and will provide the patient’s physician with information on alternative medications when needed. 
Click HERE for more information, or to obtain prior authorization request forms.
Going to apprenticeship training is an exciting opportunity, but it's also stressful when you're looking at no pay cheque for 2 months!

I got called to go to school one week before the start date, and I wasn’t quite ready for the expenses that school brings. Not being at work for a few months was going to be financially difficult for me as I had just recently moved into my own place. Paying rent for my home as well as in Prince Albert - where I was attending school - was difficult while not working.

Having SuRe Innovations join MERIT was a huge bonus for me. Receiving 100% of my tuition back helped out tremendously to catch up with bills , payments, and just get back on track faster. My application was processed quickly and my cheque arrived a little over a month after I started back to work.
Having that extra money when I needed it made a huge difference for me.
Luke Stansfield
SuRe Innovations

We're always looking for ways to reach out to potential new MERIT members.

If you know a company that you think would benefit from becoming a MERIT member let us know!

If that company joins MERIT you automatically receive a $250 pre-paid Visa card. In addition, your name will be entered into the grand prize draw for a fly-in fishing trip for two in beautiful northern Saskatchewan!
For the past few weeks, Mercon’s call centre has been receiving an increased volume of calls from employers and employees, resulting in longer than normal wait times.
While steps are being taken to address this issue, employees are encouraged to utilize the Mercon Benefit Services website for basic inquiries regarding benefit status and hours remitted. In addition, employee address and dependent changes can be completed online. 
Click HERE for a guide on how to sign up for online access to your Hour Bank account. 
Our Winter 2018 Training programs start January 18 th with lots of new and exciting topics!                                   
Click HERE for the complete list of upcoming CLASSROOM and LIVE WEBINARS . Up your game by obtaining one of Merit’s “ Certificate ” designations.

Your employer may be eligible for reimbursement of a portion of your tuition fees under the Canada Sask Job grant program .

These online options may round out your training needs:

Buildforce Canada  provides web-based training in a variety of subjects, including Construction Ethics, a requirement for Gold Seal Certification.

United Academy  offers Equipment Operator Certification and safety courses, combining on site and online learning.

For more information or questions, contact Cheryl Monette at or 306-291-1161
The MERIT vendor discount program, PERKOPOLIS , is a great way to save money on your Christmas shopping.
If you haven't already created a Perkopolis account, please note that there has been a change to the log-in Member ID for new accounts. You now need to use your plan ID number to create an account.
Here are the instructions for creating your Perkopolis account:
Merit Contractors Association is proud to present the MERIT Awards of Excellence , May 4th 2018, at the German Cultural Center in Saskatoon.
This year we are celebrating MERIT's 30th Anniversary and we have some amazing things in store for you!

We have created 3 new nomination categories:
  • The Outstanding Apprentice Award
  • The Safety Champion of the year
  • The Team Builder Award
Our NOMINATION FORMS are uploaded to our website, as well as a ton of information to help you complete the nomination. And if writing isn't your strong suit, give our office a call at 1-877-MERIT4U , and we'll write up the nomination for you!

NOMINATORS OF THE WINNER IN EACH CATEGORY WILL WIN TOO! If the person you nominated wins, you will receive a $200 pre-paid Visa card, JUST FOR NOMINATING ! So get out there and nominate that deserving co-worker of yours!!

CLICK HERE to watch our Promo video from last year's awards. It's sure to get you excited to join us for the 2018 awards!
Cheryl Monette joined MERIT on November 17, 2014. She was hired to manage our training programs. Her position eventually evolved to include planning of the annual MERIT Awards of Excellence.

After retiring from a 35 year banking career, Cheryl worked in the accounting department for one of MERIT's members. Her new position with MERIT was definitely a step outside of her comfort zone of number crunching, but she was able to quickly adapt to the change of pace!

Cheryl’s passions are her 3 children, who all live in Saskatoon, and salsa dancing – Ole!

Cheryl is based in Saskatoon but ensures all members from around the province receive personalized attention to their training needs. Feel free to contact her at or 306-291-1161 with any questions about MERIT's training programs.

Cheryl will also be travelling around the province this winter to promote the Awards of Excellence event. Make sure you give her an extra warm welcome and let her know what a great job she's doing with the awards!