Merry Christmas

            Even though there is almost complete chaos in this world God can still reign supreme in our hearts and grant us the peace and rest and joy we desire-if we choose Him over the chaos and TRUST Him beyond our feelings and emotions. Sally & I are choosing Him. We choose to belong to God and not all the clamor the world gives. Our prayer for each of you is that you will find this REST that is truly available regardless of the circumstances that surround your life and this world. This is something that you have to choose again and again and again until it is yours and then ... NEVER let it go!


            We just love our new setting in Montrose, CO! God knew better than we that this would be a good move for us. When God first revealed His desire for this move Sally was resistant until God miraculously changed her heart and she was willing to move. God had a plan in that move, even though it required us to move away from our family and friends. We found a wonderful church family as well as an unexpected influence in non-Adventist families that God providentially led us to. We don't know the full story yet but know in time God will reveal His bigger plan. We have 300 plus days of sunshine a year and easy access to the San Juan Mountains, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Uncompagre Wilderness , and Arches National Park to spend quality time with God to know Him better. This has also been very therapeutic with Jim's healing from his broken back.


May Christ reign supreme in your hearts and family.


Merry Christmas


Blessings to All,
Jim & Sally
           Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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