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DIVINIA 4th phase water to the rescue!

It's the perfect super-pure water that has high enough voltage and oxygenation to fight infections like viruses and bacteria.

DIVINIA is a great way to protect yourself.

If your voltage is higher – your immunity will be stronger!

Many of you have requested a quick-and-easy link to ordering DIVINIA . I listened, and now I am offering you a safe and direct online ordering link:

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Merrily Milmoe
"The Only 10x Distributor in the World"
Offering 10X Stronger DIVINIA
$33.00/16 oz.

I am very grateful to  Divinia  for accommodating my special request to obtain a stronger type of  Divinia  bottled water named 10X.  Divinia  10X means that this water has been run through 16 purification processes te times! This also means that the signature frequency added to the end is also 10X’s stronger and also ensures that you can store this water under any temperature condition without it ever losing its purity, voltage, high oxygen and hydration potential. It takes four days to make eight bottles of this precious liquid. Divinia,  so far, is the only 4th Phase water verified by seven universities to have all the properties it claims.

You may drink it, albeit it's expensive to do so. Anecdotally speaking, people have reported beneficial results when spraying 10X Divinia twice a day on their skin and eyes for improving various topical issues. 

I had a severe bacterial chest rash that cleared up quickly in two days by spraying Divinia 10X twice a day and letting it air dry.* I am also spraying it directly into my eyes to experiment with clearing up a condition I've had for three years. It has improved 75% in six months from spraying, along with drinking 2-4 bottles of Divinia a day. (To be clear: No claims are being made!)

10X Divinia in 16 oz. bottles
Allow 7-14 days delivery for 6 or 12 bottle cases

Merrily R. Milmoe
Divinia Authorized Discount Sales
c: 510-410-8717
  Please use glass only to contain Divinia water.
Dropper bottles for eyes, spray bottles for skin, and 2-inch cotton pads
for overnight use can be found at Health Food Stores or online.
To learn more about the Unique Properties of Divinia 4th Phase/EZ water
please visit my new discount website www.divinia-discount.com
Please keep me posted how it's been working for you!
Thank you, Merrily