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Four More Ways to Buy Divinia EZ/4th Phase Water at a Discount
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"I am not deeply versed in physical science, but there are certain things about water that fill me with wonder and amaze.” ~ H.G. Wells, 1919

Body Voltage is paramount. Did you know your body needs a minimum of 36 volts to repair and regenerate your cells for optimal functioning?
~ Verified by both Randy Veitenheimer and Dr. Jerry Tennant 

You might consider yourself as an electro-magnetic being in a water battery body. Divinia’s unique patented process allows this water to be the ONLY bottled water on the market verified by 7 universities to be able to be stored in any temperature condition for a long time without losing it’s freshness, purity, 102% oxygen level, or voltage.
I so appreciated that most of you read Part 1 to learn about the exceptionally unique properties of Divinia EZ/4 th Phase water and, pre-signed up for our local Community Cooperation Water Project to buy at the bulk-discount rate. During our 5 th pick-up, it warmed my heart to hear about your personal health improvements from drinking Divinia’s "Liquid-Crystalline" Water - H302.
Your positive results have inspired me to offer FOUR MORE DISCOUNTED WAYS for you to obtain super pure Divinia water as a prioritized customer with faster shipping to your home or office.
Please view the flexible purchasing options I have made available
to meet your needs!

If you missed my Part 1 Introduction to Divinia, please check it out here:
How Much Should I Drink?

According to anecdotal cases, two 16-oz. bottles to begin with appear to get good results.

If you can only afford one bottle a day; it is certainly better than nothing.

For proper hydration; drink some other clean water to satisfy four to five 16-oz. bottle equivalents of water per day.

According to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj’s research; his general rule of hydration that turned around serious health conditions for his patients was to drink ½ your body weight in ounces per day.  

Getting Results!
"I’m 89 years old, and for at least 20 years, I had been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure , Fibromyalgia , edema (swelling), and Macular Degeneration . I am not off all medications … yet. I started drinking 2-2.5 bottles of Divinia a day for 9 months now. Over the first three months, my health improved gradually and gently. At three months, I noticed my energy, stamina, focus, and creativity had increased 3-fold.
For many years, my cholesterol was at 220. Every member of my family genetically has high cholesterol. Now my cholesterol is down to 135! In my whole life, I have never been that low. My blood pressure has been high as 155/72 for many years. Now, my blood pressure is 125/65. The doctor was amazed! My left eye that was particularly riddled with Macular Degeneration – it's vision went from 100/100 to 100/50. I have also become happier and more calm about life's challenges. Divinia is extraordinary!"
~Judy W., San Rafael, CA 10/2019 .
Perfect for the
Whole Family!

"Merrily, the whole tribe loves the water. I am detoxing so I find myself drinking 4-5 bottles a day. We all love it so much; especially the kids. They call it ‘Magic Water’. I guess it was exactly what we needed, so I need to send my son to pick up another 200 bottles if you have extra. We are going through it fast and do not want to wait until the next community pickup in a couple of months. Please let me know if that’s possible soon." 
~ Deborah K. Mill Valley, CA 11/12019
How Do I Get Divinia Water Locally?
"Water is the first principle of everything."
– Thales of Miletus, c 600 BC  

10X Stronger DIVINIA !  
$33.00/16 oz.

I am very grateful to Divinia for accommodating my special request to obtain some 10x Divinia for my customers. In order for the company to run water through 16 purification processes ten times , i t means they have to shut down most of their production line for several days.

Some people have reported anecdotally very beneficial results for their eyes and for various topical skin issues using Divinia 10x.
I had a severe bacterial chest rash that cleared up quickly in two days by spraying it twice a day and letting it air dry.
However, I do wish to be clear that No Claims are being made!
 (I can provide at cost glass dropper bottles for eyes,
and glass spray bottles for skin, if you wish to try some.)

To PREORDER 10X - 16 oz. bottles
contact me before January 15, 2020

Merrily R. Milmoe
Divinia Authorized Discount Sales
150 Shoreline Hwy. Bldg. B - Suite 20
Mill Valley, CA 94941
c: 510-410-8717
     “There is nothing in the world more submissive and weak than water. 
Yet, for attacking that which is hard and strong;
nothing can surpass it."
~ Tao Te Ching c 500BC
  Choices usually rely
on priorities and being informed.
Who doesn’t need or want
cleaner hydration, more oxygen,
and consistent energy, to renew your brain and body?
We are water bodies on a
water planet, and Divinia Water
is the EZ-est Essential Solution!
Speak with Merrily for more useful applications for EZ water. 

Thank you for your
interest and mutual community participation. 
Divinia Holiday Grab Bags:
1-bottle bag, 2-bottle bag,
4-packs & 6-Packs  $10.00 - $22.50
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Ready-To-Go Pickup at Merrily's office
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Merrily R. Milmoe
Divinia Authorized Discount Sales