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I want to thank Teresa Whitiker for my new horse Penny. She is a 7 YO palomino mare who has reining training. I’ve been having a blast riding her! So nice to have a sound horse. Scottie is finally healed up enough that I’m starting him under saddle again. He is still bucking so we have some issues to work out and it does make his neck tighten up a bit so we are continuing his rehab. He is still convinced ropes are dangerous around his back legs…. Tom is unfortunately having a difficult time…. I’m trying a different approach and currently am helping him over a severe case of thrush that was festering under the fancy shoes. Time will tell.

I have been seeing quite a few people with neck problems lately and it's partly due to the way our society uses so much sitting and computer work. We are all on phones and having our forward head posture's throughout the day. I would like to give you a little heads up on improving your posture again. We kind of did a little bit of this last time but I want to have you think about how to improve your neck position and posture so the neck can free up and you can be more upright again. Your neck posture depends on your sacrum and your rib cage position in space. If you Accenture your poor posture by scrunching down on your rib cage and just kinda sink down like you've fallen asleep. Feel this and see what that does to your breathing and to your ability to move your neck you'll find that it decreases both of them significantly. So now let's participate in the opposite. What I want to do is to do is think about lifting your pelvis and feel how that makes your rib cage grow out of your pelvis and then I want you to try to actually lift your rib cage back and over top of your pelvis. Then think about taking your shoulders and making a figure 8 with your shoulder so that one goes forward while the other goes back, one goes up while the other goes down and you're just making a lovely figure right with your scapula moving along your rib cage. It'll make your arms go. It'll make your head go - just kind of try to allow your whole body to get into that figure eight. Try to let go of the side and freeing things up now again. Now think about your posture from the seat up and see if you can't lift your rib cage even more than you did before. Now - think about the last little piece of your sternum - try to lift the last little piece of your sternum up and go down with it and pick your sternum up and go down with it as you pick your sternum up you'll find your ribs tied to pop out and as you put your sternum down you find your ribs pop in. I want you to again start from the bottom and lift your pelvis uplift- then your rib cage up and this time try to keep your front of your rib cage down as you lift your sternum up and fill that made your neck get longer. And if you press your chin back and up it will bring you even taller. Now again make your shoulders do a small little figure to loosen things back up.

I'd like you to start thinking about when you wanna improve your range of motion that working on freedom in the motion rather than forcing at the end range will give you more progress. Look for any glitches in the movement or any places where it goes quickly through the movement. Slow down and move steadily so you turn those muscles off and on in coordinated fashion and you have actual control of the movements. 

No the next thing that I want you to do is think about taking your chin and pulling your chin back towards your backbone so if you do that you'll take your head and your the back your head will go up so again none of these movement should be hard and they should not hurt so only go as free as you can and find that as you repeat the movement things get freer 

A little myofascial trick to improve your neck range of motion is to use your arms to help move your neck and scapula. It’s an elongation movement. You take your arm and reach behind you a little bit and then turn your hand in and out till you feel that stretching in your shoulder and again this should just be an easy movement and just a slight stretch. For me it's with the thumb up and out to the back that causes me to feel the most. Then you just take your head and elongated out away in the opposite direction. So if your Right hand is reaching out to the back your head will tip to the left and the stretch goes the whole way from my head to your fingertips. Again - don’t make it hard. None of these things should hurt. It should just be a gentle stretch. In Myofascial release - you hold that position for 2 to 3 minutes at minimum and so the tissue softens and releases. You can follow the the stretch and allow your body to relax and feel into it and release

I'm in the process of having my website redone by professional so it's some point you're going to find it redone and hopefully even more accessible to the information. I am going to try to put these newsletters (blogs?) on there for people to be able to reference back to and have videos as well as the schedule. As I go through these upcoming changes if you will help me by letting me know that they're working okay for you that would be greatly appreciated.

NEW:::: BEMER Membership Plan:

I truly believe most people’s lives would be enriched by BEMER. I know it has given me my life back. And I did make the investment in my health to have one for myself. I know not everyone can do that so to make it more accessible to more people - I am going to offer a membership plan. For $100 a month you can come to the office on the days of the week that I in Denton. It will still require you making an appointment. Appointments will be available to coincide with the switch out times between clients until such time as I hire an assistant. You will be able to book on line. BEMER session will be 20 minutes unattended as I'll be in session with MFR. I'll help get you set up - then leave you.

For the month of December anybody can come for Bemer sessions for free as I try to figure out how this is going to run. So December will be a good time for you all to come and see how BEMER can help you and your health. I've seen it affect peoples health in as little as two sessions a week. The Basis Plan it is twice a day. Consistent use of the BEMER is how you get the most effect from this technology and it can take months to see the real benefit. But - Some BEMER is better then none…. So I believe this Membership plan will be helpful to the many. Individual sessions are $35. When I find the right person to assist me at the office - I will offer twice a day or once a day memberships.

On that note - I am looking for someone to help me run that part of my business. I can either have someone join me as an employee or as an associate and BEMER IBD/partner so if you know of someone who is interested in helping people with their health send them my way. It will be Monday through Thursday and I'm open from 8:30 to 4:30. In the mean time if you would like to join me for free member sessions during the month of December feel free to schedule. I’m working on getting the scheduling online soon. Times will be so that you come in between patients so I can help hook you up then get back to my regular business. So those patients wanting to do BEMER after their session - also need to book so I have it available. 

BEMER has an amazing medical Director - Dr Berka. He does monthly meetings for the medical professionals called Medical Mondays and for the general public called Wellness Wednesdays. The topic is similar but he goes more in-depth with the Medical professionals and that meeting is not recorded. Wellness Wednesday are recorded. I listened to his medical Monday this week  It was an amazing review of the year he will do a similar thing for the Wellness Wednesday. I am including the link for you to join in on that meeting Dec 7th at 7 pm CT if you are available. BEMER continues to have a significant sale going on at the moment. Its called the Essential set which is the deluxe set minus the bag and the battery. This set gives you everything you need for the 4990 which that's still over $1000 off of retail if bought individually . Batteries will become available in late January/February and can be added at that time. The back pack is being phased out. This is still an excellent buy if you know anybody who's interested in improving their health and needs a wonderful Christmas gift.

Biofield Tuning update. I am an official Biofield Tuning Practitioner. I feel it works very well with the work I do with MFR and the beauty of the technique is it can be done at a distance or in person. So is you would like to stay home and get treated - that option is available.

Another recommended product I would like to focus on is the Smart Roller. I rarely use traditional round foam rollers as I feel people do too much and they are so big the body can not relax on them. Where as the Smart Roller is the perfect size to allow the shoulder to relax. But sometimes even that is too much and I have people put it on the wall to work it so they don’t have to have their full body weight on it.  Video to follow soon…

I am embracing a new audio book - Fast, Feast Repeat. It’s about intermittent fasting. I frequently don’t eat all day but am starving by the time I leave the office. Now I know why - My white sweet flavored coffee in the morning sets my body to thinking food is coming…. I have been doing the clean fast building from 12 to 18 hours and I’m happy to report I no longer am hungry ALL THE TIME like I have been in the past. I have a ways to go to making the changes I need to make but feel I’m on the right path. And for once - it’s not difficult. Even through the holidays. Not a diet! I like that. I believe it’s worth a listen…

In closing - I would like to thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your healing journey and in supporting my success in my business venture at Lindy Physical Therapy. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays as it suits you. May you each have health and happiness now and in the coming months. Remember, what you focus on - you will get more of - so focus on the good stuff…. Small changes help. And if you find you are going the wrong way - turn around. If you look for what is wrong - you will find it - if you look for what is right - you will find it….And may you get what you are looking for! 


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