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Merry Christmas!
Have A Blessed Christmas!!

I'm so happy I could explode! As a result of my experience with COVID19 I am enjoying life to the fullest! I pray that you are too!

That is why I'm sending a second Christmas wish. Your interest in us is why we are in business - why we do what we do. Serving you with products, services, and information is our goal. I trust that we are fulfilling your needs.

May you see how the Lord is blessing you. Have a blessed day and a blessed Christmas.

Rick & Ruth
Ah! It’s Christmastime!

A time foretold many millennia ago, that God would provide a Savior for us.

Why do we need a savior? After all, the economy is improving. I’m doing well. We have a place to live. We have vaccines for COVID19. I’ve had COVID19, I’m alive and I’m immune for some unknown period of time. So, why do I need a Savior.

Also foretold many millennia ago was that we are inherently sinful. Just like the little baby who thinks “Me, me, I want some milk!” we grow up into the Burger King slogan of “Have it your [my] way.” I think we all can picture that classical 50-year-old dude who acts as if he were 17.

We’ve turned a time of religious focus into a time of rushing, buying, and partying. That actually isn’t so bad because we’ve been forgiven. Forgiven for ignoring the true meaning of Christmas. Forgiven for wanting it my way. Forgiven for making gestures at the person who just cut me off. Forgiven for getting mad. Forgiven for letting political issues separating us. Forgiven for idolizing our longarming studio. Forgiven for idolizing my new car. Forgiven for not forgiving.

God has sent his Son as a sacrifice to show that he has forgiven us. Who have we forgiven? What about that grudge you hold against your spouse? What about that jerk at the office? What about those who used to be our friends, but have been separated by political winds?

At this time of year we should be reminded to let God’s love flow through us to everyone else. With that love will come forgiveness from us and to us.

Let us be like the wisemen who sought the Prince of Peace. They went to the end of their earth to find Him. What are you willing to do to find the Prince of Peace?

Have a very Merry & Blessed Christmas. After all, you have been forgiven.
Enjoy your blessings!
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