December 2020 Edition
Google is Not Your Friend, It's a tool!
I read this from Seth Godin's Blog the other day and it is something we all should know and do. Nothing to buy, just how you can get all of your data from 46 collection points Google has on you. Please read, act and share:

It’s been 2,702 days since they shut down Google Reader and people still remember.

Or consider that Google can shut you out of all their services with no recourse or appeal possible. All your data, photos, calendars, emails… gone.

But yes, you can back up your data. Do it today…

Visit this Google Page to start the process (you will need to login if you are not already). It’s free. Hopefully, you’ll never need it. Press a few buttons and back up your data to a cloud service so that it’s in two places–This should happen automatically, but since it doesn’t, it’s worth doing.

-Seth Godin
Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season.


Allen Jernigan, CEO
My Marketing Department, Inc
December 2020
DEC 1: Giving Tuesday
DEC 7: Pearl Harbor Remembrance
DEC 10: Hanukkah Begins
DEC 13: Nat’l Day of the Horse
DEC 18: Hanukkah Ends
DEC 21: Winter Solstice
DEC 25: Christmas
DEC 26: Kwanzaa Begins
DEC 31: New Year’s Eve
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Don't Forget - December 1st is
Giving Tuesday!!
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