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Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh is one of the largest malls in NC with more than 1 million square feet of retail space. The previous fire alarm system in Crabtree was 25 years old that needed to replaced and updated with the latest and newest technology. Edwards Electronic Systems was chosen to bring Crabtree's system up to code for the benefit of much valued customers and employees. The previous system was restricted to mere horn strobes and strobe lights throughout the facility for evacuation. Now, the new system will consist of Edward's EST-3 Voice Fire Alarm Control System that includes 12 network panels. The former horn strobes and strobe lights have been replaced with speaker strobe units. This will allow mall security to direct people using voice in an emergency situation such as fire, safety, and security issues. This update has been done in phases over the past 2 years keeping all the shoppers and personnel in mind. Crabtree Valley Mall will now be able to break down their voice evacuation in zones with their new Incident Management System. As always, the main mission for Edwards Electronic Systems is to provide safety and security for our community! Enjoy shopping this Christmas and have a fun and safe holiday season! 

During this time of year we are surrounded by th e smell of hot coco , the sound of holiday bells, glimmering Christmas lights, and the joy of family traditions. Many cultural traditions need not be taken for granted as they have been passed down from generation to generation. Whether we decorate the Christmas tree, attend candle light services, bake sugar cookies for Santa , or read the Christmas story with your family, we can all think of beautiful traditions that help make our story unique. As Christmas is ever becoming a vast marketable industry with the focus on spendy presents, decorations, and banquets, undoubtedly let's not forget the historical account of Jesus and the life-giving providences He brought to all mankind. We at EES feel happy and blessed to join with millions of people across the globe in observing their most cherished traditions in celebrating Christmas because of Christ. Lastly, after being in the life-safety and security industry for nearly 20 years, let's not forget veterans and those overseas unable to celebrate valued family traditions during this time while they protect and defend our country's safety, security and personal freedoms. In a country where everyone is free to celebrate Christmas traditions in their own way, we wish everyone an extra-Merry Christmas this holiday season that is full of laughter, love, and fun!


Michael Edwards, President and CEO
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